So, here we go.

I used to blog on here years ago, and from time to time I would blog on Tumblr; however the SJW/PC vibe is getting too thick over there and the ability to just “reblog” whatever pretty picture that I see was just too easy and I wasn’t really motivated to write anything or share anything. So, I am back here.

It was fun/cringe-worthy to read some of my old posts from 6 – 7 years ago. I see how I have changed as a person. I see that I may have actually grown up a bit and  I also see how balanced I have become with my medication finally being figured out.

Oh yeah…

I should probably mention that, I have bipolar disorder (Type1) with rapid cycling features & general anxiety disorder with mild OCD manifestations. Yep, I am mentally ill; however I am not going to make this a mental health blog (well, not totally), but there will be a lot of posts about how I deal with the illness and with life. I am not sure if this is going to have a purpose other than a sort of online journal, but we will see where it goes.

Stay Tuned.




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