Is it really the holidays?

Christmas is only 3 days away and I keep having to remind myself that it’s December and it’s the holiday season. It doesn’t feel like it, though.

The beginning of this year was horrible. I lost my brother-in-law, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and we began the months long battle to get her on Medicaid so that we could get her into a home (She has a long list of other health problems, and can’t live by herself anymore). That all lead to my wife being hospitalized and me going into an Outpatient program. On top of all of this,  we had to move from our apartment and into my mother’s home. So,  add a move to all of this; which is stressful enough on it’s own. Now it’s the holidays.

We don’t have a tree,  or any decorations for that matter,  and I honestly don’t care about having any. I told my wife to just leave my gifts in the Amazon boxes,  because that’s what I plan on doing. I simply don’t have the will to wrap up any presents or even do gift bags. I honestly have to remind myself that Xmas is Friday. I thank Google Calendar for that.

The only thing that I have looked forward to this “holiday season” is the release of the new Star Wars movie (which was amazing) and the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I do hope that my wife likes her gifts,  and that’s about it.

My only other hope is that 2016 is a better year than 2015 was and that things pick up.

Sorry for the depressing post, and sincerely:

Happy Holidays.


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