Chasing the Gingerbread Dragon.

Now the holidays have passed,  and only NYE is on the horizon,  I look back and wonder why I just couldn’t get into the holidays.

I thought about it and I think it’s more than just the shit year that I have had. I  honestly think that I am trying to recapture the holidays of the past. When I had my family members either alive or speaking to each other. When my mom was healthy and could be up and about. When I still believed in some of that Christmas magic.

But,  that’s gone now. It’s a thing of the past.

So, it finally dawned on me. It’s up to me and my wife to make our own family traditions and summon up our own holiday magic. We need to create our own things that we look forward to at this time of the year. We have to create our own joy. It’s up to us to create our own future.

When I had this bingo moment I got so excited. I had that Christmas feeling. I saw a universe of open possibilities and I was overwhelmed.

I can’t wait until Xmas next year.


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