The Great Texas Shrink Hunt.

After days of Internet searching,  cross-referencing sites and results, and a little bit of doxing,  I finally found the person I want to be my shrink. The person who I put trust in to configure and reconfigure my medication to stabilize my moods and anxiety. My personal apothecary and magician that will make everything OK.

My new shrink.

I call his office,  ready to give my information to get the ass-load of paperwork that all new shrinks make you fill out to begin seeing them and setup my first appointment.

I left a voice mail,  so hopefully I will get a call back today.

I also may work on a “plan B” shrink,  just in case.

So much for this being easy.

UPDATE: Got a call back not long after I left the voice mail. Unfortunately, that shrink isn’t taking new patients.

Back to square one.


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