The Great Texas Shrink Hunt: Part 2

After yesterday’s bust, I have decided to regroup and take to the Internet to research and find a new shrink, again.

I am armed with my insurance providers search tool, a list of suggested psychiatrists from my therapist, and that’s it. I feel like I have been dropped into the jungle with only a box of matches, and a knife to help me survive. So, I am bringing up the list of shrinks that my provider covers/suggests and cross referencing it with the list that I have from my therapist. Once I find one that is on both, I research them on review sites and then decide if they move on to the next round. It’s like The Voice but with mental healthcare.

The list I was given from my therapist was cut down pretty quick due to three factors: Distance, Doesn’t Accept Insurance/Cash Only and/or They are an Ex. I have been through 4 psychiatrists now. 1 due to distance, 1 due to over-medication, 1 due to being a nut-job, and the latest due to negligence. So, I a few Ex’s that I tend to avoid. So, out of the list of 18 possible doctors, 5 were candidates and out of that 5 , 3 are still in the running. There is one or two off list options, but I am kind of skeptical about them because I really can’t find any information on them. Also, one of the on list options is rated pretty low on every feedback site I have come across.

Why is it so hard to find a psychiatrist in Texas?

“Texas is the fourth worst in the country, notching 4.1 psychiatrists per 1,000 patients… The dearth of psychiatrists mean 3.3 million Texans are going without access to one.”

Also, the reason for doing this much research is that a psychiatrist has quite a bit of power over you. They are not like a general practice doctor. If your shrink thinks that you are having an episode, not taking your meds, a danger to yourself…etc, they can have you put inpatient. Yeah, they can have you taken to either a local private facility or a state facility and you are admitted. One doctor that I dealt with completely twisted my wife’s words around ( AKA: lied about what she said) and had her admitted to a facility after also threatening to have Texas DPS officers detain us and her getting a court order to commit her to the state hospital. So, research is kind of a big thing. I want to know about this person before I go to see them and start to put my trust in them.

Imagine if your Dentist could send you to jail for not flossing, it’s kinda like that.

Tomorrow is the next round where I start to make phone calls and see if these finalist are taking new patients and do take my insurance. A lot of psychiatrists have gone to a cash only model because they were not getting paid back from Medicaid, and some private providers, either in a timely manner or at all. Also, remember that part above about only 4 doctors for every 1000 patients? Yeah, a lot of them are swamped and are simply not taking new patients. I have said it before and I will say it many more times, Phsychiatric care in Texas sucks.

However, I am hopeful that one of my options here will pan out to be a good fit for me and I can get the help I need and deserve. Until then, the hunt continues.


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