Ronald Reagan? The actor?

One of the things that I have always been fascinated with is the idea of time travel. The idea of seeing the future, or truly reliving the past; however I have always had a feeling of discontent when someone mentions not being able to change the past because of the risk of creating a paradox and destroying the spacetime continuum.

I kind of like the Doctor Who version of paradoxes, you just can’t change fixed points in time. Like you couldn’t go back in time and kill Hitler or prevent 911. These are major historical events. I would think that you could make minor changes to your own timeline without unraveling the universe. Again, you just couldn’t change fixed points in your time line, or change events outside of your time line. Like, you couldn’t go back in time and invent Google, or save someone that died; however you could go back and invest in Google and say goodbye to that person if you didn’t get the chance.

Which brings me to my latest random thought.

Let’s say that the government has found a way to travel back in time, only back not forward. How it works is, you actually go back to a certain age in your own time line and basically relive your life. You retain all knowledge that you have learned up to the point of your departure. The age you return back to is determined by the second digit in your current age + five years (So, if you are 38 then you would start life over at age 13). You will be given a banking account with $1000 dollars to make investments in and you can not make major changes outside your time line.

What would you change? Would you change anything? What events would you like to re-live? What events would you be dreading to re-live? What changes do you think that you would end up making to your future? Or, would you even go back into your past to change or re-live anything?

I am actually almost undecided on this, because of the fact that I could end up changing something of my present that I currently enjoy. Mainly my marriage. I know it sounds sappy, but I love my wife.  On the other hand, I would change the eating habits I had as a kid and maybe go outside to play more often.  Perhaps then I wouldn’t be such a fat fuck like I am now. I would also, like to re-live one particular event that happened when my mom and I took a trip to Sears. The Star Wars craze had died out and Sears was selling off it’s entire stock of Return of the Jedi toys for S-T-U-P-I-D cheap. $1.88 for vehicles and play-sets, $0.88 for all action figures. I would have told her to buy ALL OF IT! Those toys (minus a TIE Interceptor of course) would have gotten shoved into the attic of our house ( which is now my house) and I would have all of this still new in the box.  So, it’s a toss up of having an original 1987 B-Wing new in box or the woman I love.

In all actuality, I think I would do it. I honestly think that I would find my way back to my wife and be a better man, with a hell of a better Star Wars collection, and just have a few less regrets.

I would have also sunk that $1000 into Google’s IPO and be rich fucker, too.




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