Right now, I am at work. I work as a software tech/analyst for a company that you probably have never heard of but more than likely use our products either indirectly or directly multiple times per day. The division I am in handles the hospitality industry and my department focuses on loyalty promotion software. We have thousands of clients all across the globe that use our software for their businesses.

Now, some of you may think that this is a fast paced, skill-intensive job that requires years of schooling, certifications, and a Mensa IQ.  I am here to tell you, you don’t (I barely graduated high school) and that as interesting as my job sounds, I mainly get paid to click the refresh button. Yep, I refresh the tickets in the queue, I refresh the screen to make sure the server that I just told to sync is actually syncing data between our server farm and the customer and then I click refresh to make sure the install that I just launched actually installed. To do all of those things, I either right clicked and clicked another option or I dragged a file from one computer and dropped into another one and clicked a different button to make it sync. None of it is rocket surgery.

On a good day, I may actually get to use some SQL and query a server and investigate an issue that is actually a legit problem or prove that no problem exists at all. Sometimes, I type out step-by-step instructions for the users that are trying to make some minor change to their promotion and I also take screen shots so that they get what I am talking about, but usually I just hit refresh.

When I was working full-time, I did get to dive into some more interesting cases and sift through logs and play detective. I got to use more SQL and put my computer skills to the test. Now, I just take the easy cases and do what I can in my 4 hour shift. I usually only really work maybe half of that because the cases are either low, or they require a call back and no one wants a call at 9pm when they are not even at their site. So, I sit here and go through Twitter, Reddit and click refresh.

I hope that my disability get’s approved soon. Because I may not do this after it’s approved; however I may then even start to miss clicking refresh. Because in that 4 hours, I feel like I have something that I have to do (usually). In that 4 hours, clicking refresh is my mission, it’s my job, it’s my purpose. If it goes, I don’t know what I will do. What will my purpose be? I am sure I will find something to do, but the idea of not having anything is kind of scary and yet somewhat relaxing at the same time. I guess I will be clicking refresh on my life and finding something new.



I guess we will see what happens.



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