OK, Let’s try this again. From the top!

I have been thinking about this blog lately and what to do with it. What to post, how to arrange my posts and what my focus of this blog is. I have been going over the stats that WordPress shows you on your blogs performance and I have been noticing what gets views and likes and what doesn’t get views and likes.  Then I started wondering how I can get more people to view and like my posts and how I can attract a larger audience and…

Then I started wondering what the actual fuck I was doing.

I started this blog as a journal, an open journal, that I would post things to to use as a creative outlet and a source of catharsis from the shit my own brain puts me through daily and some of the funny ( to me) stuff that occurs in my life. That’s when I remembered my target audience, me. I write this blog for me and I share it with you. I do like it when I see the views and likes but that’s not the point. The point is to type out thoughts, feelings, and emotions that I am experiencing and just get them out there. If you view it and like it, that’s great. If no one reads the posts that type out, then that’s OK, too.

Even though you would think that my friends would at least stop by and read it, but you know, whatever.



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