We have probably all done this, well it’s more probable if you are a geek or nerd with a plethora of comic book and fandom knowledge that would overload the servers that keep all of our metadata at the NSA. You all have been sitting there, talking and laughing, chilling out, and just having a great time, until someone says those 7 words that will inevitably lead to nerd rage:

“OK, who would win in a fight:”

That’s when shit get’s real. The room goes silent, the air gets cold, and eyes glare with hypothetical bloodlust. Then you call out your contestants and people then form into battle groups. Some will be torn between two fandoms that they care deeply for and start to panic, but a side must be chosen. Finally, when the dust settles, the armies are formed on the battlefield and the war can begin. May your g-ds be with you.

Now, without the hyperbole.

I was just randomly thinking about my own ongoing debate(s) on the whole “Who/what would win in a fight” question and I started to wonder: “What is it about those words, that hypothetical combat scenario that we will never see that will cause such passionate debate among friends?”

Those words will turn that chill, fun time that was happening in the beginning, to a verbal street fight. Even my wife and I have had one of these that is still somewhat unsettled. Ours is between a jet-packless Boba Fett (to make it even) and Daryl Dixon.  Zombie Hunter vs. Bounty Hunter in a fight to the death. We still bring it up from time to time.

I think it’s because we love our heroes and we always want to see them win and no matter who you are, people love to argue debate their points. As geeks, we want to show that we are savvy on the subject and be, or appear to be, the smartest guy in the room. And of course we want to see our heroes win, but more importantly, we want to win. Because, well it’s winning! Who doesn’t like that?

LPT: got a group that isn’t really talking? Try this question. Oh, they’re not nerds? Use animals. My favorite is Lion vs. Hippopotamus. #teamhippo


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