Who The Fuck Are You?

So I watched this video and I don’t think that I have ever been out right enraged by a YouTube video in quite some time.  I watched it twice, the second time to take some notes which are below, and I found it shocking. The video is about 15 minutes, and may make you rage.

Here are the notes.

Who’s business is it to determine that a person is faking a mental illness? Also, if by faking a mental illness the person has a mental illness; then isn’t this a redundant conversation? It’s like saying someone is faking a sprained ankle when clearly their leg is broken. It doesn’t make sense.

People who use their mental illness as an “excuse” aren’t punking out. There are times when an episode can be so overwhelming that it does steal your day. You can’t go to work, you can’t go see your friends, and that’s not manipulation, it’s a shitty thing that happens and it fucking sucks.

I won’t deny that people try to fuck the system and fake things to claim disability or whatever, but this video (even with the CYA disclaimer at the beginning) almost makes it out that ALL people with mental illness are just faking and trying to get money. We do want to live a “normal life” but I am not going to hide in the shadows and not talk about my illness. No, I don’t exactly go to strangers on the street and tell them my medical history, but I don’t hide it from my friends and loved ones.

When I have an episode that keeps me from doing something that I want to do, I didn’t manipulate or do something selfish. I tapped out and took care of myself. For years I shoved the anxiety, shoved the depression down and just played through the pain to make other people happy. Now, I can’t do that anymore. If you want to call that selfish, or self-centered; then fine go for it. I think you’re wrong, but that’s on you.

I do kind of get what this woman is saying. People that are over dramatic, defensive,  and always use their illness as a crutch (and do not seek help) may not be on the up & up. There is a glamorization of mental illness and a lot of attention seekers take hold of this; however these people may have a different illness that needs attention (as she said in the beginning of the video). I do not feel that it is my place to label this person as a fake. It’s not my business & it’s not her or anyone’s business to diagnose a person other than a medical professional. To me, this woman is just helping perpetuate the stigma that already exists for people with mental illnesses while trying to sound informative.

She also looks like a goth raccoon, but that’s just me.


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