Signed, Sealed and Attached As a .PDF File

I received my termination paperwork today from NCR. The package wasn’t that great, but hey, it’s money.  I printed it up, filled it out, scanned it to a .PDF and emailed back to them. Last night I filed for unemployment and started that ball rolling. So, now I am officially jobless. I have nothing but free time on my hands and not a clue what the hell to do with it other than watch Netflix, post on here, and carry out life’s basic functions.

I am sure that I will find a purpose, I will find something to do with my time; however right now I just do not know what that is.



  1. poorandhappy · February 9, 2016

    It sucks and its scary. Hang in there you’ll find what’s right for you


    • Starkey · February 9, 2016

      Thanks, I appreciate it.


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