An Anxiety Ridden Introvert Walks Into a Bar…

OK, before you start reading this you need to do the following things:

  1. Sit Down
  2. Take a deep relaxing breath
  3. Remain Calm


I actually went out tonight.

Let me repeat that: I actually went out tonight to a bar. Where there are people. In a public setting. It was noisy, my friends were there, STRANGERS were there, and I didn’t freak the fuck out and I only had one drink.

Now, I know this may sound trivial and mundane but this is a huge fucking accomplishment for me. I have been battling my anxiety & depression for almost a month now. I have missed birthdays, get-togethers, and a Superbowl Party all because of these and tonight I got up, got dressed, and went out on the town. It was a major victory and I am still feeling so good about it.

I think the best part was seeing my friends. Seeing their faces, talking to them, getting hugs and just getting some social interaction. I really needed it and I feel a lot better because of it. However, the introvert part of me will need tomorrow to kind of recharge, but that’s just “normal”. I know in a few days I will probably want to go out again and get my social fix.

Honestly, I am proud of myself and I just wanted to share my victory. I feel great, and I just had to get this feeling out and into this journal.

I am going to end this here before I start rambling.

Thanks for reading.


One comment

  1. Priceratops · February 16, 2016

    It was great seeing you, and I’m proud of you for stepping out the door and challenging yourself.


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