5 Hour Window

Today I am waiting on a tech from our security system provider. Our panel is supposed to have two way monitoring; meaning if the alarm goes off someone from the company comes over the panel and talks to you vs. calling you on the phone.

Now, there is a slight saga to why this isn’t working. You see, when I moved into this house originally to take care of my mother, we had an incident. Our neighbors are some sketchy ass people. It isn’t a completely uncommon sight to see local cop and county sheriff’s deputies raid their house. Hell, one time one of the little shits hopped our fence and tried taking off through our back yard. So, now I was hosting the policeman’s ball in our back yard. One night, my wife is walking down our hallway and she freaks because there is a face looking through the glass in our front door asking for “Alex”. She repeatedly tells the guy he has the wrong house, and his meth head ass eventually gets it.

So, we got an alarm system.

Now, about a year later, my mother and I had a falling out. She was becoming more abusive (verbally and emotionally) and I had my fill. I told her that she could find someone else to take care of her and  live off of fucking pizza delivery & meals on wheels, because I was out. So, we transferred the contract for the alarm system over to her. It was all hers now. She could deal with the bill and the meth-heads. I was going to live in peace with my wife. About 9 moths later she was diagnosed with inoperable bladder cancer and her health was getting worse due the long list of other health problems that she has. So, we found an outstanding nursing facility for her and she now lives there. We then took over the house, which means the alarm system contract.

However, a funny thing happened. I accidentally set off the alarm. So, I waited for the people to come over the panel. Nothing happened. I continued to wait and finally our house phone rang. It was the alarm company. I gave the all clear and asked why the panel didn’t work. The guy didn’t know, but now police were at my door and I had to deal with that. A few days later I called about the panel thing and was given a load of crap that I didn’t have the service. I spent over an hour on the line with these clowns until finally the service was added and all was right with the world.

Until a few weeks ago.

Our back door wasn’t shut all of the way when I armed the system that night. A cold front blew in and blew open the back door. I woke up ready to fight, however there was no one there. Again, I waited for the panel and nothing. The phone rang and we gave the all clear. Last Friday the panel alerted a power failure when all of our lights were on. So, I called customer service to see what the fuck was wrong with this damn thing. Apparently, there is a plug that it uses to monitor power failures and recharge the battery backup. It had come loose. So, while I had him on the phone, I asked about the damn 2 way monitoring thing. He started talking about a tech coming out. I asked him about it being on my contract and if the service was active on my account. He seemed confused and then asked if I was an (insert former name of company here) customer. When I told him I was he explained that the 2 way monitoring wasn’t a service, but a feature built into the panel. He confirmed that I have the correct type of panel for this feature. He told me that there had to be something wrong with the panel, and that he would roll a tech out on Monday.

Now here’s the kicker. This tech is supposed to be here between 12pm – 5pm. So, sometime today he will show. I mean, thankfully I am unemployed so I have free time to wait for this guy. Honestly, that’s how I now plan on doing things. I will now be operating within 5 hour windows. When people ask me when I am going to be at a certain time, I am giving them a 5 hour window.  It just better be fixed today. Or I will be chewing someones ass out for five hours. Guess I will go make some coffee and fix some eggs while I wait for this chump.


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