The True Story Of…Part IV: The Final Destination

Well, this is it. The final 25 films of the top 100 documentaries that I have been watching on Netflix.  I have to say, that this experience has taught me a lot. I have wandered into cultures that I would never had thought of. I have seen pieces of history that I would never have even thought would have actually happened. I have seen horrors that I would have never thought humanly possible. I have seen beauty that I didn’t know could exist. This whole thing started off as a simple “dare”, but ended up being a life experience that I will cherish.

Now let’s look at the final films.

76.  FrackNation: I updated the last post and I hope anyone that reads this saw it. This really tore down a lot of the alleged false data that the film maker in “Gasland” used to promote his film. The film maker here is an investigative reporter from the UK and the film was backed by a KickStarter promotion. Basically, this guy goes all Mythbusters on the film “Gasland” and tears it to shreds. What really kills me is that the director/creator of “Gasland” repeatedly denies comments or interviews when he learns that this guy is making a film regarding some of the content in “Gasland”.  Again, I suggest watching both films and drawing your own conclusions.

77. Restrepo: Holy crap. I loved this film for one reason: it’s integrity. It didn’t cut scenes or hide shield you from the horrors and sorrows that war bring. This film will scare you, will horrify you, and will make you cry. If it doesn’t do any of these things it’s because you lived them (In that case thank you). I definitely recommend watching this film.

78. Hell and Back Again: I watched this film, still recovering from Restrepo, and was astounded by the pure hell that this guy went through to go through recovery. It’s a good look into what a soldier’s return home can look like.

79. Out of the Clear Blue Sky: This 9/11 documentary just made me not only remember all of the feelings that I had on that day: the fear, the confusion, the anger, but it also made me feel the loss that this man suffered. Cantor Fitzgerald was a financial firm that lost 658 employees in the 9/11 attacks. The story is told by (among others) the CEO of the firm. The way this man grieved openly in public, on TV, at meetings was just heart-wrenching. I would definitely recommend watching this.

80. First Comes Love: OK, let me sum this film up: 41 year old woman wants a baby, goes to gay friend for sperm, gay friend says sure but he ain’t gonna be a daddy, 41 year old’s father is dead set against this. 41 year old’s best friend says she will help out because this is an awesome plan. 41 year old gets pregnant. 41 year old’s father tells her to get an abortion and that she’s an idiot. 41 year old meets a guy and falls in love. 41 year old has baby. Gay friend sees baby and can’t put baby down, 41 year old’s father sees baby and is totally in love with his grandson and denies ever saying a bad thing about the pregnancy, kid is now being raised by at least 4 people.  I just saved you 1 hour and 45 minutes of your life.

81. After Tiller: Let me just start by saying that I am going to strongly suggest that you watch this film. Even as someone that is Pro-Choice, I have always had an issue with 3rd Trimester Abortions, apparently because I didn’t know what they really were. This film not only will enlighten you on what they are, but the history behind them, the current struggle with them and why it’s important to fight for a woman’s right to be able to have access to a doctor that can perform them. This film changed my mind, enlightened me and again, I strongly suggest you watch this film.

82. Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story:  So, all of this hype about Caitlin Jenner and we never heard about this lady? Kristin transitioned from male to female and was a member of SEAL Team 6. Her medal accomplishments give her the rank of a 1 Star Admiral. She is an American Hero, yet Jenner got all of the “brave” comments. Sorry, she wasn’t brave compared to Kristin. You go get shot at, then come home and make the decision to transition and then tell all of your SEAL & Marine friends about it on top of the media and then come talk to us about brave. I loved her story, and I suggest watching this film.

83. Mala Mala: This film shows the life and lack of civil liberties for the transgendered community in Puerto Rico. It was a bit slow and really lagged. It finally picks up at the end with the civil rights aspect. There were some interesting bits of information here and there about transgendered people; however this film was just slow. If you are curious about that community, I am sure that there are better sources.

84. Beware of Mr. Baker: For years I thought that Keith Moon was the all time rabid drummer. Moon was the crazy man.  That was until I watched this film about Cream’s Ginger Baker.  Holy shit, not only was he insane but he was the archetype that all rock/metal (and really anything related) drummers were based on. The way he came up with the beat, the rhythm, and the insanity he brought all out shined Moon, and anyone else that would come down the road. I loved this doc, and you should also check it out.

85. Pumping Iron: *sigh* … OK, we are going to get through this. This is about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno  as they go for Mr. Olympia. If you like body building, or need further proof that Arnold is an asshole, go watch this.

86. Bigger, Stronger, Faster: *sigh* … We will get through this one, too. Again, it’s about body building, well…more about sports in general and the use of anabolic steroids to enhance performance. It gives facts vs. fiction of steroid use and almost draws to the point of: is a matter of health or ethics? Again, if you are a sports guy/gal; then go for it.

87. This Ain’t California: Wow, this was an awesome film (and a welcome break from muscles and steroids) about a sub-culture that is close to my heart. It’s about skaters during the 70’s & 80’s in East Germany. What they went through, and how they made things happen. I loved it.

88. Exit Through the Gift Shop: I love the concept of “Banksy”. It’s like a shadowy figure that wages guerrilla warfare on the established order with art. I love Banksy’s pieces and style. I loved seeing other artists (I swear that I have seen the “OBEY” art posted around Fort Worth, TX) and hearing how they have come up with their concepts. I really enjoyed this film and if you are an art fan on any level, I would suggest watching it.

89. Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story: OK, let me just say this: I TRIED. I watched this film 3 times. 1st time: fell asleep; 2nd time: Made it a bit farther, but fell asleep; 3rd time: Made it all of the way through, and just didn’t care. I just could not find any interest in this film’s subject. Maybe I just didn’t get it.

90. Print the Legend:  Y E S! Finally a film about something that my little nerd heart is curious about: 3D Printing! I was amazed at the all of the turmoil that had happened with Form Labs & Makerbot.  Plus, just taking a deeper plunge into the 3d printing world was amazing. I would recommend this film, just because it’s an amazing technology.

91. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry: This guy is a pure bad ass. He is China’s “Banksy” but he doesn’t hide his face. He want’s you to see him. He want’s you to know who it is that’s giving you the finger. I love his message and his art. This film also gives you a glimpse into the life of the people in mainland China. You gotta see this film.

92. Jiro Dreams of Sushi: I have been wanting to sit down and watch this for a long time. I am so glad that this was on this list and I finally got around to doing it. This man is an artist. He is a true craftsman, and at 85 he still doesn’t believe that he has mastered the art of sushi making. It was amazing to see him and his sons work and create these dishes. I would suggest watching this film because it is amazing.

93. More Than Honey:  One thing that is touched on in “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” is that a lot of fish are disappearing due to over-fishing. This movie approaches another self-inflicted ecological wound regarding the bee population. You have probably heard more than once from your “hippy-friend” that the bees are dying out (man); however most people cannot tell you why. This film will not only go into that but dispel a lot of other “bee myths” that I found intriguing. I liked this film, and I would suggest watching it and even with the kids.

94.Microcosmos: OK,  I don’t even know where to begin on this one. First, the opening music is creepy as fuck. Its small children singing in very soft low voices and its just fucking unsettling. Then you get a small narration at the beginning and that’s it. The rest is just really amazing shots of insects that make you feel like Ant-Man and you have no idea what you are looking at. It’s amazing images and sound, and would probably be amazing to watch when your high.

95. Seen it.

96. The Whale: This film was amazing and was narrated by Ryan Reynolds.  So, it was kind of funny imagining Deadpool telling you the story of little lost orca that befriended an entire village.  This film was funny at times and also had deep sad moments. I won’t lie, I cried several times during the film. I definitely recommend this film, simply because it is an amazing story.

97.  The Queen of Versailles:  This is a story in which it is hard to feel sorry for the characters. These people live in such excess, and when things get tight they get lowered to a realistic level (more or less) and you can’t feel for them. If you do watch it, you will know what I mean.

98. Tabloid: Holy shit! Just watch this film. You will never see a movie that includes: Mormons, international kidnapping plots, alleged prostitution, and cloning pets. The best part is that this is a true story.

99. Vernon, Florida: I am from a small town, and I have lived in even smaller towns. This film is about locals from a small town and it is a series of laughs and WTF? moments all in a one hour film. There is no educational value in this, other than seeing what small town life in the south can be like.

100. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father: I have seen this film multiple times and each time I see it I cry more tears than the last. If you have never seen this film. Please go watch it.


And that’s a wrap! I have completed this Top 100 challenge! I hope now that I can find something else to watch on TV and that this hasn’t completely ruined my brain for mindless shows that are just for entertainment value.

If you have been reading these posts, I want to thank you for keeping up with me as I completed this task and I hope that you enjoy some ( if not all ) of the films that I have written about. I hope my reviews and opinions might have been helpful.

Again, thanks for reading.


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