Afternoon of the Comet.

A friend and I were catching up on Twitter the other day. Come to find out she is also bi-polar and has anxiety issues and we were comparing notes. What meds are you on? How many meds are you on? What happens when you get manic? What happens when you get depressed? That type of thing. I have known this person (more or less) since high school and it’s kind of funny when you learn when someone is also bipolar; because it kind of explains a few things. Like when I found out that I had OCD, this explained a few of my behaviors that my anxiety and bipolar didn’t always cover.  When you find out your diagnoses, and you then look back, things seem to make so much more sense.

Another thing that I have been doing is going on the subreddit /r/bipolar and just seeing that there are:

  1. People the same as me.
  2. People worse than me.

Both of these make me feel a bit relieved. Just to know that there are people that are doing the same silly unexplainable things or are doing stranger unexplainable things makes me feel like I am not alone. The fact that someone that I went to school with and ate lunch with is also “like me” makes me feel relieved. Of course I wish that some crazy comet would fly too close to the earth and “without any scientific explanation”  all mental illness was cured (and everyone that was fat, is now like their ideal weight, too). So that we didn’t have to deal with this shit anymore.

Again, just a random thought.


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