Thank You for Calling.

I am beyond frustrated, I would go so far as to say that I am angry. I just received a call from my actual attorney (I think) and she needed to clarify if I was receiving unemployment. Because, I shouldn’t be getting money due to the fact that I am unemployed.

Basically, I have to wait until the social security office gives a decision on my claim and if it does go to a hearing, then it looks shady that I was receiving unemployment. I get that; however when I called my caseworker with this legal firm I wasn’t really given a clear direction on how this will effect my case. So, I went with filing for disability and was approved, but have been denied payments because on the requests they ask if you have been eligible for full-time work. I am not, I would be able to do part-time, but I doubt that I am even able to do that now days.

So, we talked with the attorney and told her the entire situation and answered her questions. I am now having to try and call the Texas Workforce Commission and advise them that I want to cancel my claim for unemployment and stop any upcoming payments. So we are stuck still waiting for a decision on my disability claim and I just hope that it doesn’t come to a hearing.

I can’t stand this, it’s just a big ball of suck and I hate it.


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