Hypothesis on Morality During an Evening with the Wife.

My wife and I were talking about immorality and it’s association with people with no religious affiliation or people who declare that they are atheists. I came up with this hypothesis regarding immorality and how that immorality was g-d’s original plan for humanity.

Taking the assumption that the story of the Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve, and Eve’s temptation are all true. G-d wanted mankind to never know the difference between good and evil,  or right and wrong, which is the basic definition of morals: knowing right from wrong. So,  why would g-d want the human race running about naked and amoral in his paradise? Then that also leads the other question as to why Satan would want Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge and learn about good and evil? Why would Satan want to introduce morality to the human race? If Satan hated man because g-d held man above Angeles; then why would he introduce morality to them? Why would he give humans intelligence and knowing right from wrong? If anyone in the Christian religion gave man morals,  it was Satan.

However,  that’s only if you assume that the bible is true and I believe you know my stance on that.

Just a random thought from a conversation that I had. I thought that I would share.


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