Completely Random. Seriously, I have no idea.

I am still a bit under the weather with this whole bronchitis thing and I have to sit still for 30 minutes, 3-4 times a day, and do a nebulizer treatment to help open up my airways and clear out all of the crap that is in my lungs. So, to entertain myself, I decided to revisit some old documentaries that helped me understand my diagnosis of being bipolar. I rewatched “Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive” and “Up/Down”.  It was good to see these films again and get a little perspective of where I was almost 10 years ago when I first saw them, and then the present.  I see that I am WAY more balanced than I was and I do have a clearer understanding of my condition.

I was going to come up with some kind of awesome post regarding some of the things in those two films; however I didn’t and the moment has escaped me.

They are both on YouTube, go check them out if you have never seen them.

Because the breathing treatments I do contain albuterol, I am wired all damned day. Basically, one breathing treatment gets me clear airways and mild hypo-mania. Again, I am doing 3-4 of these a day; so I am getting about 30-50 GREAT IDEAS for posts about every 45 minutes. I am also taking cold and sinus medicine along with a non-drowsy antihistamine (basically, more uppers).  Oh, and did I mention that I drink about 3 cups of coffee in the morning?

Yeah, I am full of ideas right now. (I also cleaned the kitchen and made breakfast)

I went out tonight, inhaler in hand for any emergencies, and spent some time with friends. We sat about and talked. At one point, like any group does, multiple conversations start happening. My wife and my friends wife were talking about something, my buddy and his wife were setting up beer pong and cooking dinner. Me and two of my other good friends were talking about MySQL vs. Microsoft SQL Studio. Eventually, my buddy the cook and the wives went to g have a smoke leaving “just us 3 nerds” there. So, of course we get on the topic of religion. Not to make this sound like a bad “walks into a bar” joke but the 3 of us are:

Me: Gnostic Atheist

Friend A: Brought up Christian, now somewhat unaffiliated

Friend B: Non-Practicing, only Kosher on the high-holidays Jew

This started because Friend A mentioned the Matt Dillahunty videos that I had been watching and wanted to know more about them, Friend B didn’t know what Friend A was talking about so I explained the whole thing to both of them. This brought up a discussion about the bible and it’s shaky authenticity. About the time we are really getting into it, the rest of the crew comes back in. We are continuing our discussion, which has now gone to how Jesus may have just been a legend and how by Jewish birth-right he wouldn’t have been an actual Jew. Needless to say one of the wives isn’t very comfortable with this conversation AT ALL. She was brought up in a very, VERY strict religious Christian home and this type of conversation wasn’t something that you even thought about. So, she is trying to derail it and change the topic.

It wasn’t working.

However, Friend B had to run next door to check on his wife and kid so, the topic got changed somehow.

I just find it sad that, people get free from the environment of having religion shoved down their throat & up their ass, yet it still has an effect on them. They don’t even practice that same religion, maybe don’t even believe it, but when you talk about it they still get so uncomfortable that they feel the need to force a change of topic. Mind you, she wasn’t rude. I am not mad at her. I just feel sad that she is still indoctrinated to the point where talking about religion, faith, or Jesus in a critical way or even examining the topic makes her uncomfortable.

When Friend B came back we then started talking about religion again; however not quite in the same vein. He wanted us to come over for Passover. My buddy that likes to cook is making kosher Gyros. So, I have no idea what I am doing for Easter, but I have plans for Passover.

Mazel Tov!

I had about 30 other great things that I wanted to post, but I cannot remember them now. So, I will just leave these random little thoughts here and if anything else pops up, I will just create another post of just random crap.


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