Regarding Easter:

Happy Easter!

That’s correct, your eyes didn’t deceive you.

I wished you a Happy Easter.

Most people don’t think anything of this, unless they know you’re an atheist. Then people tend to shit bricks. Yeah, I am not some boring bastard that abhors the holidays because I don’t believe that there is any form of almighty being that tucks us in at night and nordo I believe in the resurrection of Christ, the g-ddess Eastra (where we get the name Easter from) or any of the other spring g-ddesses that had a festival at this time of year, or the Greek g-d Phanes emerging from the cosmic egg during the “moveable feast” that is Easter. I do like spending time with family, watching kids hunt down brightly colored eggs like it was The Hunger Games, and just having a good time with people that I love.

Yes, I sleep in and miss out on the Easter Sunday church service. That should be a given.

Plus, there is one thing that only happens around Easter that I wait for all year. It’s one of my favorite times of the year due to this one thing:

Cadbury Eggs.

Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson recreates American Beauty for Cadbury Creme Eggs advertising campaign - 28 Jan 2013

I would totally be telling this lady to get away from my Cadbury Eggs.

I have been in love with these little bastards since I was a child. I have made myself literally sick by eating too many of them (Or accepting the challenge from my cousin to see who could eat the most of them). They are like little ovals of chocolate covered heroine. I don’t know what it is about them, but I know if I ever moved to the UK that I would be dead within a week (or less) from a Cadbury Egg overdose. I am already planning to hit the local pharmacies (which is ALWAYS the best place to get holiday candy) tomorrow or Monday and buy the suckers out.

So, if I don’t post anything for awhile it’s because I have gone into some type of insulin shock from eating shit-loads of these delicious addictive once a year treats that I can’t get enough of or I am still eating these delicious addictive once a year treats that I can’t get enough of.

Unless the wife stops me from my self-destructive chocolate egg onslaught, which there is a good chance of.

Until then, be sure to always look on the bright side of life.



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