I knew that this was coming. I had been waiting on it.

I received a letter in the mail from the SSA office in Austin and they are “requesting” that I go and see one of their psychiatrists for an evaluation; however on the letter the condition that is being evaluated is depression. My response to reading that was:


I am not (always) depressed. I am bipolar, and also rapid cycling, so I could be depressed tomorrow, and a few days later be totally fine, or manic, or having a mixed episode, or still depressed, or…well you get the idea.

So, now I will be emailing my lawyer and seeing what needs to be done about this situation and see if I need to contact the SSA office, or just go to appointment and explain to the shrink there that this is an incorrect assessment due to the fact that I am bipolar and not currently depressed. Then just let my anxiety shine through and go with that.

I guess I will just have to see what the legal eagles that I have hired advise me to do and go with that.

I swear, this shit shouldn’t be this fucking hard.



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