The Darkside of Being a Star Wars Fan.

First if you haven’t seen the Rogue One trailer go watch it:


Did you see it?

OK, now here is where I am going to start to rant about something that probably should be on Tumblr, and since these posts are shared there, it will be. (I feel like this blog is like the TARDIS right now!)


The rant that I am about to go on is this:

For decades, the Star Wars franchise has been a boys club. Every Star Wars fan knows this. The only female character in the entire franchise was either Princess Leia or Padame`.  So out of 6 films, you had 2 strong female characters. The only other female characters you had were either Twi’leks that were arm candy or Rancor chow, or ….well background characters.  Yes, you had female Jedi in the prequels, but it wasn’t until “The Clone Wars” animated series that you actually got to see any of them or hear any of them and even then that series was driven by Obi-Wan and Anakin with Ahsoka Tano as a supporting character. It wasn’t until Star Wars: Rebels that we now see her, Hera and even Sabine have more of a prominent role in a Star Wars animated series.

So, now we have Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And we have **gasp**  the aforementioned strong leading female character – Princess Leia (Now General Leia, fuck that Princess shit) and Rey who is, what the fuck, the LEADING CHARACTER OF THE MOVIE! Yep, Star Wars now has a female leading character and some of my fellow Star Wars fans IQs fucking plummeted.

“How did she all of the sudden get her powers? That doesn’t make sense, this movie is stupid. Disney ruined everything!”

It’s called “The Force Awakens”. Guess who it woke up in? The little girl that was left on Jakku and had a flashback of repressed/suppressed memories when she saw an item that was familiar to her. This is not a new concept. It’s just like when River her saw the code in the bar and said “Miranda” and it unlocked all of the repressed fighting skills she had or countless other movies use that same plot element, but it’s like some of my fellow Star Wars nerds just had a fucking tantrum when Rey turned out to be the Jedi badass and the main character in TFA.

Which brings me to today.

The Rogue One trailer features, you guessed it, what appears to be a female lead and again my fellow Star Wars fans are losing their shit. All day I keep seeing these gems:


mrzirhkI: starting to bother me that women are the protagonists of films like this

doejones94: Dang it Disney thinks everything is about princesses


Darth Trepid: What a joke. Girls are so weak and only belong in the kitchen. There’s no such thing as a “strong woman”. Go make some babies and sammiches already. Bring back the real Star Wars.

HENNI Mohamed: feminist propaganda

Booke685: why not just call this whole franchise “Girl Wars”?

I just can’t even. That’s right, the stupidity of these comments has infected me. Star Wars needs, and always has needed, strong female characters. Why?  I will tell you, but I need you to read these words out loud:


Let’s repeat it:


One more time to make sure you got it:


So, now that we have established that, I want you to understand it. Star Wars isn’t a gender. It’s a fandom that accepts everyone. The cool kid that is a closet case nerd, the geek that has spent a fortune in Star Wars memorabilia and can tell you everything about every aspect of the Star Wars universe, the reformed geek that now has kids and will be taking his son and/or DAUGHTER to see these movies and playing with their toys (because he has bought his own and they are unopened and in mint/near mint in his “office”) and now doesn’t have to explain why Princess Leia is the only female in the Star Wars universe and that no other girls exist. Now we have a new Star Wars that is one of equality. We have multiple strong female characters, we have LGBT characters (read the books) in the Star Wars universe (and possible pansexual, that doctor in The Resistance base was REALLY eyeballing Chewie, just sayin’) and I want to see more of these things. Why? Because Star Wars is for EVERYONE! So, if you are of this old way, then you better get with the new way or take your “pure” copies of Episodes IV, V, & VI that you have on laserdisc or VHS and just stick with those. Because we will be watching the new movies, including the anthologies, in the machete order with our lightsabers ignited and our middle fingers held up to the “traditional ways”  of being a Star Wars fan.

Welcome to the new Star Wars fandom, everyone is welcome.

On a lighter note…

I did go to Twitter when I was looking for sexist, dumbass comments. For transparency, then one about “Disney and Princesses” was the first on that I saw and that made me start noticing the others; however on Twitter I didn’t find any on the Star Wars account. Which shocked me, because Twitter is usually a cesspool of stupid (ask Wil Wheaton). The only mention of female roles was this one:

Laura ‏@Laura_Chisnall I can’t cope with all of the perfect females that are joining @starwars #RogueOne

Maybe there is a new hope for us, yet.

(Oh shut up, it was funny)



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  1. Priceratops · May 2, 2016

    The Internet, man. The Internet.


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