Finally Made a Tough Decision.

Yesterday, I did something that I have toyed with the idea of doing for years. I have always looked into doing this one particular thing, and for whatever reason, always decided against it. I was either bribed into not doing it, or had a huge case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out); however my wife and I talked about it and we finally took a leap into new territory of our lives.

We cut the cord.

That’s right. I called up DirecTV yesterday and told them to cancel my service effective immediately. They shit a kitten. I have been with them for over 10 years and they didn’t want me to go. I finally told them:

“Look, I pay about $83 a month for you guys and really only watch about 3 shows that I cannot get off of an OTA antenna. 2 of those shows I had to buy into the middle package and actually pay more money than I wanted. So, offering more channels isn’t going to keep me and I could care less about HBO, Showtime or Skinamax. Here’s what would keep me as a customer:  By getting rid of you guys and going to Hulu and Netflix; I will be cutting my entertainment cost down to approximately $23 per month. If you guys can keep me at the same package I have now at $23 per month for life, then I will stay a DirecTV customer.”

The CSR actually told me that she would “see what she could do” and put me on hold. Then came back and told me the best that she could do is reduce my bill to about $70 a month. My reply was:


So, DirecTV is out and now I have Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video. I am now OVERWHELMED by the amount of entertainment choices that I have available to me. Hulu has some of the most obscure shows from the 80’s that I haven’t seen in decades. Oh, and don’t get me started on the cartoons! They have so much stuff other than the shows that we normally watch that I literally have too much stuff to watch now (and that’s just on Hulu).

I ordered an OTA (Over The Air) HDTV antenna and I have no idea why. My initial thought was to get local channels for news/weather, but my phone and our security system both alert us of inclimate weather (tornado warnings and such) and I am thinking of returning it and just getting a good weather radio to be more aware of weather conditions. We also wanted an antenna to watch a couple of shows on CBS that aren’t on Hulu, Netflix or Amazon (mainly The Big Bang Theory); however I am wondering what’s more important, seeing Sheldon Cooper’s exploits with Amy or having more notification of an oncoming tornado.

I do love The Big Bang Theory, though.

All in All, if you are thinking of ditching the dish or cutting the cable, just do it. There are so many more options out there with online services and you will end up saving a butt-load of money. Just grab a Chromecast if

Now, I am going back to watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (the 80’s cartoon, not the shitty movie) like a fucking adult.


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