A Lack of Energy and Ello.

I haven’t  had a great day today.  Let me just start off with that.

First, I thought I had acclimated to the new morning meds and was over feeling like utter shit for the first few hours of my day. I hadn’t felt like that in close to a week;; however this morning I popped my pills and a few minutes later…BOOM! I felt like hammered dog shit.

So, the trip out to Mom’s was cancelled and I have been trying to be functional most of the day. So far, all I have managed to do is install a surge protector and round up some of the things that we are supposed to take to Mom’s to hang up in her room so she will stop bitching about how she has nothing in this world (Other than her mini-fridge, Keurig coffee maker, fuck-tons of new clothes, pictures, new cordless phone, and bluray player in her room). I keep threatening to do laundry, but I will get to it eventually.

I was intrigued by a post last night regarding Ello. I had joined that site when it was invite only. When it was still being concepted and in Beta. I remember it was an oddity of sorts and I honestly didn’t know what to do with it. I did meet a few strangers on there, but for the most part I could sum it up as the following:

1- Every one was a curator of something.

2- Everyone was a DJ.

3 – It was all about bicycles.

Basically, it was the Portland,OR of the Internet. I spent a few months there and while at first there was a surge of development and a surge in user population, the place just kind of died. It was a museum of sorts, and one that you couldn’t really search for any good exhibits.  You just had to stumble upon them.

So, after reading the post last night, I decided to check out Ello again, now that no invite is required. I signed up and one thing that caught my attention is that once I signed up, my username populated from my previous account. One of their big things was that all data was deleted when you deleted your account. That was the only thing that remained, apparently. So, I started roaming through Ello again and it was a little different. You could now repost and “love” things. As I started digitally wandering about, I noticed that the posh artsy vibe was still there. Like I should be wearing some fashionable man-couture, and have pomade in my hair with a freshly trimmed, washed and oiled beard all while sipping a glass of appropriate wine.

So, I started doing searches to try and find something more up my alley. I should have known something was going to be wrong when a search for “Vintage Toys” brought up this [WARNING: Graphic Sexual Content]:






ello_vintage toys


I was kind of like, what the actual fuck? I was looking for pictures and artsy shit of old wind-ups and maybe some vintage ads for some Star Wars toys. Not some chick getting force fucked by a piston! What the hell is going on here Ello? So, I thought maybe I would see if there was anyone writing about Mental Health/Illness. That didn’t fly so far either:

Ello_Mental Illness

So, artsy pictures and a fashion line. I feel like if the Dave Chappelle sketch about the internet being a real place was reality. Ello would be some place you go to and everyone is dressed like the upper-class types in The Hunger Games.


Don’t get me wrong, there are some extraordinary artists on Ello and if you search enough you will find some good stuff; however Ello (in my opinion) is just a posh version of Tumblr sans the social justice warrior aspects.

Basically, Ello hasn’t really changed in the year or so that I haven’t been on it. It’s still odd and has a horrible search function.


That basically has been my day so far. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


One comment

  1. Priceratops · May 2, 2016

    I got bored with Ello almost immediately. I was hoping for more interaction with randos, but I guess I didn’t post interesting-enough topics to break into the hipster scene. Maybe I just didn’t put forth enough effort. I’m bad about that. I think I’m still on there, as I never deleted my account. Maybe I should do that so it doesn’t end up like MySpace, where I can’t even log into it to delete it.


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