Just a Swinging.

I have been experiencing some unpleasant mood swings recently.  I get pissed off and irritated for no reason whatsoever, just randomly it seems. I haven’t noticed a cause or trigger to this.  I have also noticed that I have been experiencing the same mood, I guess to a lesser degree, but were I just feel annoyed with everything, and I mean everything. The house is annoying, the toaster is annoying, every goddamn thing is annoying. Between my reading, and these mood swings (OK, and my binge watching Criminal Minds) is probably why I haven’t posted anything in awhile.

I have started a mood journal, and it takes a lot for me to admit that. Simply because, I find them so corny and stupid; however I am looking at it from the view of recording data. I found an app (of course) that I am using called “Moodtrack Diary: Mood Tracker“.


It does make your profile public, for .99 you can go private; however it’s not like your actual name is out there. You make a screen name to use and people can comment and offer words of support on your posted moods. You can see that I had an irritability/annoyance episode that happened last night, then I was OK. Today I am “pretty good”, and if things change I can enter it pretty easily. You can also enter notes to go along with the mood change if there was anything specific.

I am doing this because we are tweaking my meds, and I want to see if it is hurting or helping. I haven’t had these irritability episodes in years. I used to have them when I was younger and again when I was first diagnosed as bipolar. I don’t know if it’s the stress of the money situation due to my disability filing, my mother’s health declining or if it is something else. Hopefully, something will give and we can just get back to our normal lives.

Until then, I will be entering my moods into this app and seeing if my new regimen is working.

And binge watching Criminal Minds.


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