8 Kinds of Smart.

As I keep reading this book, “The Art of Empathy” the more I start to understand something: I have empathy and I have a concern for other people. We talked about this a post or so back; however it is the emotional aspect of everything that I am re-learning and re-calibrating.

One thing that this book has hit on for me is a new way of looking at emotions. She mentions neuroscientist Antonio Damasio stating in his book “Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain”:

Damasio also puts forward the idea that emotions are “action-requiring neurological programs… So, for instance, fear requires that you take action to orient to change and novelty, or to avoid physical harm. Anger requires that you take action to protect or restore your sense of self or your standpoint (or the selves and standpoints of others, if your anger is related to social justice)…Sadness requires that you take action to let go of something that isn’t working anyway, and grief requires that you actively mourn something that is lost irretrievably. And so forth.

She also talks about channeling emotions, which is something that I am learning to do. I feel that I just need to understand my emotions better since I basically have repressed and detached from them all my life.

Facing yourself and your inner-demons is a bitch.

The other thing that I am learning from this is that there are multiple types of intelligence. I have always focused on the standard one, Logical-Mathematical, because that is what we are taught intelligence is. That is what IQ is based on and generally how your intellect is judged; however there are multiple types.

In the book “The Art of Empathy” , she uses the research of Howard Gardner; however she only really focuses on Inter and Intra personal intelligence for her purposes. The others are quite intriguing  and I looked into them further.

I took multiple tests and my top 3 were always the same; however mosts tests only would measure 7 or 8 out of the 9. I couldn’t find any that did the Existential Intelligence, which honestly makes sense since I found that Gardner really didn’t want to add it in the first place.

Gardner did not want to commit to a spiritual intelligence, but suggested that an “existential” intelligence may be a useful construct, also proposed after the original 7 in his 1999 book. The hypothesis of an existential intelligence has been further explored by educational researchers.

(To me, this sounds like a platitude and I can see why a lot of sites don’t measure it.)

For me, it’s like this:

Top 3

Logical – Mathematical

In the middle

Spatial (Visual)

And my Opportunities



So, why the fuck and I typing all of this up so that you can read it? It’s because I am learning how emotions work and also how my brain works. One of the key messages that this book teaches is that empathy is an emotional skill. So, if I want to be a more empathic person and not only be able to love and care for myself better, but for others; they I have to know how this shit works. If I do, then I can move on to be the person that I want to be.

Plus, this is therapeutic for me.

Also, see my #1 form of intelligence.

Yeah, I like to talk and write.

A lot.

If I wasn’t so damn introverted, I may have had a Vlog.

Yeah. Think about that.

Ok I am rambling at the keyboard because I don’t know how to end this.

So, here you go:



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