Eye of the Tiger

I have done this twice to myself so far this week.

The pain during, and after is something that I just could do without; however I feel more energized and also stronger after.

But, right now, I hurt.

All because I started exercising this week.

I work out for 20 minutes every other morning, 3 days a week. On my off days I plan a project around the house to do to keep me active. I have a mini-stationary bike that I do 10 minutes on and then I have a 10 minute kettlebell workout that I do (and am constantly changing).

Needless to say, my fat ass hurts but feels better at the same time.

Also, to add to my self-inflicted torture, I have started tracking my calories and exercise using My Fitness Pal and Google Fit. I have a Moto 360 that I am using as a pedometer/heart monitor/timer (Sidenote: I bought into the whole smartwatch thing just to play around with it, and I have to say it does come in really handy). So, I am limiting my calories as well as not eating anything that will drive up my sugar levels. I won’t lie, I miss “food” but I would really like to live past 60 and not lose any limbs.

So, I am fighting the fight against this shit and I am winning.


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