GO-GO Juice.

You used to be my friend. Now, you are my adversary.

Every morning we still still sit and have our quiet moments. You sit there while I read or watch TV. Sometimes you wait for me while I work out and are my source of comfort afterwards. In the mornings, when my medication takes it’s toll, you help see me through the gloom that it puts over me; however at night you change. You are not that friend that I know during the early hours. You become a villain, a fiend.

I am speaking to you, caffeine.


I used to LIVE on caffeine. Every morning it was two cups of coffee, a large travel mug on the way to work. Another refill of that same mug at work. Then a soda (Usually Mountain Dew) during the day and then tea or another soda (Not Mountain Dew, the wife hates to see me drink them) at night. Some mornings, it was a 3 shot macchiato (a real one not that Starsucks shit) then a cup of regular coffee,  and then my regular caffeine intake. Some mornings, I would dump 2 shots of espresso into the travel mug with the regular coffee and make a “red eye”. Then, somewhere in the day, here and there, I would drink a Monster (or 2). Needless to say, I took in a lot of fucking caffeine.

Why my heart has not exploded out of my chest, I don’t have a clue.

Now, I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning and that’s it. I drink juice or something uncaffeinated the rest of the day. Unless I make tea, but even then my intake of caffeine is significantly lower. It’s to the point that if  I have a soda past 5-6pm, I am up late at night.

Like right now. It’s 3am CST.

I have come up with “a billion dollar idea” and researched it. I have talked with some friends over WhatsApp (who FINALLY made a desktop client for their app) and now I am blogging about not being able to sleep because I had a Diet Dr. Pepper after 6:45pm.

Seriously, lifestyle changes are a pain in the ass.



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