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I posted awhile back about an application that I was using called MoodTrack Diary and you can quote me when I wrote:

 …people can comment and offer words of support on your posted moods.

Well, I will be honest. I pretty much ignore the comments that are left and the “hearts” given. I am not interested in what the other users of this application think of my moods and emotions. Sure it’s nice that some stranger out there cares, but honestly I am not hunting down other people’s moods and giving out hearts and positive comments. I do go into the inbox to clear the annoying message indicator however. Today when I did this, I see that a user named “ilovestarwars” has left a comment on a particularly bad day that I had. I do leave a Star Wars reference in my “recovered” mood entry (We’re all fine here. How are you?) and I thought that maybe they had caught on and that they were going to give some fellow geek a positive note.



So, you can see that instead of offering any form of support for an emotion/mood labeled “Enraged”, this person instead decided to be a self centered asshat and ask that I not swear. As you can see, I advised them on how to handle me in this situation.

I posted this exact screenshot on my Instagram account, with almost the exact same narrative,  and had a very curious comment from a family friend.  She said that she agreed with “ilovestarwars” if it was on regular social media, but on this application I could say and do what I wanted since I was tracking my moods and emotions. I was curious about her thinking with this. Why would I censor myself or put myself under some type of submission on “regular” social media?  I cut the cord on Facebook because I only viewed the posts of the same 10 or so people that I talked to via Telegram or WhatsApp, everyone else said something offensive or I didn’t want them in my business (some were the type that cried when you unfriended them & some were family) so they were listed and filtered. At that point, Facebook was just something that I did because it was either expected or it was FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Finally, I followed my good friend Brian’s lead and ditched my account. I also nuked my Google Plus account, but that was just because it was needed. G+ is like Fetch, it’s never going to happen.

Now I am on Instagram (some of the time), Snapchat (which is not full of dick-pics as I thought it would be and is actually quite fun) and Twitter (mainly for news). So, let me be clear, I talk, rant, cuss and rave just as I do here on those sites. Well, maybe not Instagram, I just usually take goofy pictures and Snapchat is like my daily diary of nothing.


So, I  am just at odds with that comment.

Maybe I am just obsessing over it and it’s really nothing. In all actuality it probably is nothing but a comment on an Instagram post that I am over-analyzing and obsessing over; however to expect people to censor themselves on social media is an illogical expectation.

Again, I am probably just over analyzing the whole thing.





  1. Priceratops · June 6, 2016

    People can fuck off. Do what you do. 🙂


    • Starkey · June 7, 2016

      You know I will.


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