This Shit Was All Greek to Me.

I have heard the term “Alpha Male” or just “Alpha” used as a personality description for sometime now; however, even though I knew it did have some psychological and scientific basis, I had written it off due to its assimilation into what people call “dudebro speak”


Lately though I have been curious about what my personality is within this type of ranking. I knew that the science behind this was based on pack mentality and the social behavior of humans, but I didn’t know what to call it. Then I found my answer:


noun ethol·o·gy \ē-ˈthä-lə-jē\

Definition of ethology
  1. 1:  a branch of knowledge dealing with human character and with its formation and evolution

  2. 2:  the scientific and objective study of animal behavior especially under natural conditions

I also found that this type of science was paired with another:

Comparative psychology also studies animal behaviour, but, as opposed to ethology, is construed as a sub-topic of psychology rather than as one of biology. Historically, where comparative psychology has included research on animal behaviour in the context of what is known about human psychology…

So, what does this have to do with personality types and dudebros? It made me re-think that maybe knowing my ethological personality would also give me a greater understanding of myself. I already understand my Myers-Briggs personality type and relate to it, but what it this other type would give me further information?

So, I decided to look for an online test and that’s when all of this shit went sideways.

There are literally thousands of these tests online and none of them seem the least bit legit. The personality types that are talked about in the research that I did were Alpha, Beta, Delta & Gamma. I took several of these tests that I found and it took me on an adventure that lead me to what felt like a frat-boy lead, MRA nightmare. Here’s some results:

Quiz 1  (5 questions)

Result: Alpha

Quiz 2 (13 questions)

Result: Sigma

You don’t give a damn. You are off doing your own thing, with or without anyone’s approval. You radiate cool and intrigue, and women find you intensely interesting, despite you not trying or noticing. You don’t go to parties or social gatherings, but if you do, you’re usually with a friend and a gorgeous woman you brought. You’re the lone wolf of the hierarchy, almost as attractive as Alphas. You shun leadership in favor of getting the hell away from everyone.

This was a new one. Never heard of a Sigma Personality before.  I looked this up and found the most informative information on this site , which was a personal blog that was posted in 2011. I don’t know if this guy was a psych major, had any psych training, or was just a dudebro making shit up; however this site and this blog obviously agreed on the description and the outcome.

Quiz 3 (23 questions)

Result: Zeta

When I looked up what this personality type was, every site that came up lead me to some a lot of  Men’s Rights Activists bullshit. The Zeta male is basically breaking out of the “typical male gender role” which sounds pretty awesome, until shit like this pops up:

This is a philosophy based on the principle of men rejecting the traditional Alpha and Beta role models because they are based upon how women view them. The Zeta male lives life outside of the traditional Alpha and Beta models and undergoes no judgment from females, equally not requiring any judgment from females. This interests me because I see so many guys these days seeking validation from women just to feel they are living their lives correctly. In men I believe this requirement for validation and frequent rejection is a contributory factor leading to forged lifestyles, a loss of confidence and in severe cases mental illness.

The Zeta Male is one who has contempt for female rage, and spurns female/feminist power…

Men and masculinity have been under attack for over forty years, that’s a couple of generations, from Institutional Feminism and the misandric, men-hating-women that have fallen for its histrionic posturing, misrepresentation and outright lies…

So, while breaking gender roles is great… this shit is not. MRAs are misogynistic asshats that just either (A) Don’t understand women (Not that I do completely)  (B) Have severe issues with rejection and have been rejected A LOT and/or (C) Have a lot of mommy issues. No, men don’t have to be soldiers, factory workers, fathers, husbands, or even providers, but we do have to be respectful and understanding to women. Sorry, but women do not have an equal voice in this society and that’s why we need feminism and not a bunch of dick wagons crying for “men’s rights”.

Yeah, I am definitely not a Zeta personality.

As I searched further into all of this I found something out. All of the above information is actually part of a psychological assessment called the California Psychological Inventory and this is where we get the Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma (only) personalities from. None of the above personality quizzes are anywhere near this test.

The CPI is made up of 434 true-false questions…

Not 5 -23 questions regarding situations and if you like tigers vs. puppies or whatever and these other personalities, sigma, zeta and so on are something that are not on this assessment. Those are straight dudebro things created by dudebros, for dudebros.

Unfortunately, there is nowhere that I found online to take this test for free (and it’s EXPENSIVE), and honestly I really am not concerned about this as much as I was now. This test more or less just tells you where you stand within society and honestly I could care fucking less about where I am in society’s pecking order.  I did find the  actual definitions of the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma personalities, though:

Alpha personality types are more enterprising, dependable and outgoing. Betas are reserved, responsible and moderate. Gammas are adventurous, restless, and pleasure-seeking. Finally, Deltas are withdrawn, private, and to some extent disaffected.


Basically, how I interpret this is this: Alphas are the Ambitious, Leader, Always on time, Extroverted type, Betas are the Father Figure, Better Safe than Sorry type, Gammas are the Always wanting to have fun, close down the bar, bungee jumping, let’s go skinny dipping type, Deltas are the Introverted, stay home and watch Netflix, don’t go out much, almost misanthropic type.

I also found literally hundreds of other varied definitions online from sites that range from to Urban Dictionary. Apparently, the Internet has memmed these personalities, and added several more to the list. The way the traits are assessed are also varied (most are about how sexual you are and the “quality” of girl you are able to get) and askewed. Again, like my previous post that talked about memetics stated, this is what can happen when a meme spreads unopposed.

Despite what says, I don’t think that I am weak-willed and destined to just exist and work in the service industry because I identify with the Delta personality. Nor do I think I am a has-been, “Alpha Poser” that is weak willed and has been ruined by a break-up with a really hot chick. I feel close to the Delta personality because I am an introvert that doesn’t give a fuck about social trends.

I did find this post on a forum and it’s description of the Delta Personality:

4. Delta Quadra [top]

extraverted logic blocked with introverted sensing:
Types from the Delta Quadra value pragmatism, hard work, beautifully functional items, and earthy humor and enjoy “productive” relationships where people do projects together. They are usually emotionally subdued and like to discuss topics seriously with the intention of implementing their conclusions.

extraverted intuition blocked with introverted ethics:
Types of this quadra enjoy discussing people, internal motivation, and self-development. They believe in peaceful self-government without coercion and in the inherent potential of each human being for personal fulfillment.

Subdued elements:
The Delta Quadra doesn’t appreciate high ideals or abstractions that don’t relate well to real life. They also don’t like large institutions or power systems that do not take into consideration the interests of separate individuals.

Typical Delta quadra group behavior:
Discussion of interesting facts about people and places. Enjoy group outdoor activities. “Live and let live” attitude. Engage only in “productive” activities and discussions. Prefer smaller groups. Emotionally subdued; generally serious, but with periodic funny moments.

Now that’s more like what I see the CPI describing a Delta as and not Urban Dictionary. I can also identify more with this definition. Also, like the MB test, these aren’t what define you. They give you insight and help you see how you work. I honestly wanted to see this so that I can continue learning about how to handle emotions better. I figure that the more I know about me, the more I know how I can develop a process to deal with emotions (Mine and others) and productively channel them.

Now I feel that I have a better understanding of myself and after seeing the correct definition of a Delta Personality, I can honestly say that…

I am Delta as fuck, bro!




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