A Note from the Editor.

Have you ever have an idea for a post and then as you are 3/4ths the way through it you just decide to trash it because you start thinking “nobody reads those types of posts anyway” and at the same time you remind yourself that you started this blog as your own journal that you didn’t really care if anyone else reads, but then you started noticing that people from all over the world were reading it and you kind of liked the fact that people were liking something that you were creating?

Me too.

I just trashed a post about secular morality that I didn’t think anyone would read because I have noticed that anytime I post anything in the “Atheist” or “Religion” category, it usually gets 0 views; however if I post anything about my “mental health/issues” categories those posts get a shit ton of views and even some likes. Apparently, posts about documentaries and 80s cartoons land somewhere in the middle.

Who knew.

This doesn’t mean that I am giving up. Oh no, I am not that easy to get rid of and I am not going to stop writing about being an atheist, either. I am, however, going to re-establish my expectations of no one reading this blog and not really worry about creating content for readers. I have started doing that and I need to stop. I create content for me. I write what is in my head, not what I think you all will like. Sorry, I know that sounds dickish; however I am not here for you guys/gals. I write these posts to get things out of my head and as bit of catharsis. This blog is almost like a therapist of sorts with the exception that it doesn’t talk back and charge an ass ton of money per hour.

So, I will be rebooting this blog. The writings will keep coming and the content may change a bit. I hope those of you that do read it stick around and hang on for the ride.

Note: Jesus will not be taking the wheel.


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