Dreaming of Austin.

I feel like I have accomplished a lot today.

I have gotten groceries (aka: gone to the food bank, sat in a room surrounded by crosses and religious paraphernalia, and wondering if they would still give me a handout if they knew I was an atheist), put up said groceries and fixed the blown fuse in the car so now the 12v sockets work again.

I am on top of things today.

I just wish that when my phone rang it was with a 512 area code and it would be the call that I have been waiting on for about a year now and not some damn robocall that I have to block and then feel compelled to go report to the FTC for violating the “Do Not Call” registry.

In the cache of food donations was one small gem. Something that I saw that made me almost cry. There was a small, sugar free, lemon pie (which is one of my ¬†favorite kinds of pie). Honestly, with my new habit of morning meditation and this pie… my world so far has been absolutely amazing today.

I am on top of things today.

My only wish is still a call from Austin, TX to tell me that things are going to be alright.

Until then, I have this pie and a cup of coffee to get me through.

(Also, clonazepam and a few other mood stabilizers, but let’s just focus on the damn pie.)


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