Right now, I am listening to the ongoing filibuster being ran by Senator Christopher Murphy (D – Connecticut) regarding the issue of gun violence in the United States. Currently, this filibuster is going on it’s 14th hour. He is joined by another 40 Democrat Senators to add 2 measures to legislation that has been in talks by both party leaders in the Senate that did not come to vote by the end of session today. These two measures are to close the terrorist loophole by not allowing people that are on any form of watch list or investigation to purchase a firearm and to also force background checks at gun shows and close the deregulated sales that occur there.

These make sense, and it is completely mindblowing that it takes 40 senators to filibuster for 14 hours (at the time of this post), 10,000 phone calls, a top trend on Twitter, and multiple social media campaigns to even get this debate going in our government. Deeper than that, it takes the senseless violent act of one man and the deaths of 50 people to even get this much action going. It takes all of this for us to finally get 40 Senators to say “Enough”.

We have had more high-profile mass shootings than I care to remember and while watching this filibuster I have done just that. I have remembered the Amish Schoolhouse shootings where a gunman walked into a small Amish schoolhouse and gunned down 5 young girls. I had to relive the mass murders that occurred in Charleston, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, Aurora, and some others that shamefully I had forgotten about. Yet, when we have this recent shooting that was the worst in our history, we finally say “Enough”.

Sorry, I said “Enough” about 4 years ago and I think it’s fucking idiotic that it’s taken this long for people that we elect to office to catch up. The funny thing is that only part of the elected idiots are there right now. The republicans clocked out on time. My Senator, the majority whip for the republicans, is asleep right now while these 40 Senators are putting in some serious OT.  My Senator is also the other party leader that was in talks about this subject today. He called this filibuster “filling dead air” and also stalled the talks to make sure that this legislature would be OK with the NRA.

Late Wednesday afternoon, however, Feinstein signaled that her talks with Cornyn were unlikely to bear fruit.

“I don’t think that’s gonna work out,” Feinstein told reporters. When asked why, she responded: “I was told he gave it to the NRA. Now, that would do it.”

I have sat here for 4 years since Sandy Hook and watched the entire Legislative Branch of the US Government do jack shit about gun laws. Meanwhile, they have done all kinds of things about trying to regulate vaginas, keep “the gays” in line, and make sure that the rights of bible-thumpers were defended (and thankfully failed to all of these). We have sent these unusefull idiots to D.C. to do nothing and collect huge paychecks for it.

I suggest that we finally say “Enough”.

See you at the polls.


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