Ben Franklin was a Dick. 

There’s pros and cons to everything. 

Being bipolar usually means that you can operate on  less sleep or that you sleep less. I usually only sleep about 6 hours without the use of medication. Last night, I was tired and went to bed early with the wife at about 10pm and decided that I didn’t need to take my sleeping pill. I was good, didn’t need it. 

We all make mistakes. 

So,  I woke up the first time at about 12:45am and told my brain to STFU and go back to sleep. It obeyed (to my surprise) and I drifted off back to sleep. I then woke up again at 3am. Again I told my brain to STFU and go back to sleep. It did not comply this time. I got another 15 minutes and then I was awake. 

Stupid brain.

So, now I have been up for a little over 2 hours. I am 1 macchiato in and have exhausted the reading material on both Reddit and Twitter. I am about to deploy macchiato #2 and possibly make some toast (I know, exciting stuff). 

Hopefully I can stay awake all day and this doesn’t fuck up my sleeping schedule. 

Stupid brain. 


One comment

  1. revengestar · June 28, 2016

    Shit happens with mental health, hang on there!


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