A Time of Loss.

It’s time for me to come clean about something.

I am a BFG.

That means Big Fat Guy. In February of this year I had to have a physical exam (for my disability claim) and I weighed in at 505 pounds (229.064 kg). I would love to tell you that was only the first time that I have weighed that much; however it isn’t. About a year or so ago, I weighed about the same and did what I am doing now. Counting my calories, and trying to move around more. This time is different though.

That last time I wasn’t diabetic.

This time it’s serious. I have to lose this weight and drop my A1C numbers or I start down the path that my mother went down. Diabetes tore her health and life apart and I will be damned if I go out like that. So, if I have to give up the carbs and say goodbye to the candy aisle; then bring on the kale and splenda because I am not going through that shit.

So, since the news of my giant ass and then the news of my diabetes, I have been cutting out starches & “bad” carbs. Working out periodically, and just trying to keep busy. I try to keep between a 1200 and 2000 calorie intake and stick to greens and lean protein. From time to time I will have some ice cream or a burger, but it’s a rare occasion and when I do, it’s definitely a workout day the next day.

I have been using Google Fit and Myfitnesspal to track my progress. So far, I have been doing pretty good.


Yep, from that weigh in back in February  as of  yesterday morning I have dropped 70 pounds (31.7515 kg).  Which is the equivalent to:

  • A full helium tank
  • An electric fireplace
  • 31752 thumbtacks
  • A big wingback comfy chair
  • 187 Bananas
  • The average sheet of drywall
  • An Irish Setter
  • 3/5ths of a North Pacific Giant Octopus
  • 2.5 Gold Bars
  • 7 Cats
  • 11 Bricks
  • 75 Soccer Balls
  • .02% Of a T-Rex
  • 1500 AA Batteries

Well, you get the idea.

So, despite the absolute shit sandwich that is my life right now, this is a big win for me. I went out yesterday (with the help of medication) and played some yard games, set off some fireworks, and hung out with some friends. I feel less depressed, but I am still not in the clear.

Everything just really comes down to what happens on Tuesday, but for now I am celebrating our nation’s independence and the loosening of my pants around my now less of a fat ass.

Have a great 4th of July weekend America (Everyone else enjoy your weekend as well).


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