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I am not a sports fan. I don’t follow scores or stats. Hell, I couldn’t tell you who the hell was IN the last Superbowl much less who won. Sometimes, I will catch myself watching a hockey game or a rugby match, but that’s about it; however there is a Sports Journalist that has become a voice of reason here in Texas. That voice is Dale Hansen. He has delivered messages during his “Sports Special” segment that have drawn national attention spanning subjects from his own childhood sexual abuse, to LGBT players in major league sports; however in his broadcast on the Friday after the Dallas Shootings, he again was the voice of reason in Texas. When I watched, and more importantly heard, this video I actually cried. Simply because an old white man, in Texas, was talking to a large audience and actually being logical and reasonable. It gave me hope.

Before I saw this I was going to write about my day that I had and what happened during my therapy session and my further feelings on this subject. Honestly,  my day can wait and Dale says exactly what I am still feeling about Dallas and more:

Watch Here.



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  1. Priceratops · September 15, 2016

    What’s funny is, his onscreen rants aside, Dale is a piece of shit. His “unplugged” segments have almost all been really awesome, but he’s really shitty to people outside of that in my experience. But, if his rants reach people and help them to see another perspective, good on him.


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