I Have Been Busy. 

Yeah,  I have been pretty quiet lately.

I have had a lot of things on my plate during the past week or so and a lot has happened.

Grab a snack, kids. This is a long story.

Thursday of last week my wife started having severe abdominal pain. We went to our local ER (Keep count this is ER #1) they did a battery of tests and determined she had an intestinal infection and gave her a bunch of broad spectrum antibiotics and some painkillers and sent her home.

Shit got worse.

A couple of years ago my wife had bariatric surgery. So,  the next night we called them for advice on what to do and they sent us to another ER (ER #2) where their office has admitting privileges. Her surgeon wanted to make sure that this wasn’t a blockage or something worse. This is the point of the story where shit goes sideways.

My mother-in-law and I are in the waiting room. The ER didn’t have a room available so,  my wife was placed on a small bed in the hallway. I get a text from her stating:

“I want to go home”.

Now,  my wife was in a tremendous amount of pain. She now suddenly wants to leave and go home. Something isn’t right here. I replied back asking what was going on and she then tells me that the doctor was “making her feel stupid”  and “not acting like she mattered”.  I explained this to the desk nurse and insisted to be let back to see my wife and talk to the doctor.

My wife explained that the doctor told her that the other ER (ER#1) would have checked for any blockage and that she didn’t understand why she was sent here. I requested to speak with the doctor and while waiting with my wife heard the doctor tell the nurse that mentioned that I wanted to speak with her that she had “already explained everything to the patient”.

Now I understood why my wife was upset.

We get into a room and now my mother-in-law has joined us. After a CT scan and about another couple of hours,  the good doctor finally appears. In a very apathetic tone she explains that everything is normal and that we will need to follow-up with our bariatric surgeon that morning.

My mother-in-law let her have it and I followed up with a brief suggestion about empathy and how she should invest in some. I then stated that we would not get anywhere talking here and that I would handle this through other channels.

We followed up with the bariatric surgeon and he examined my wife for gall stones. Which is what he,  his partner,  and his PA (physicians assistant) all saw that my wife’s pain was presenting as. They were also pissed off at ER#2.

Now,  because our insurance sucks,  we had to contact our Primary Doctor. We sent him all of the test results from ER#1, ER#2 and the Surgeon’s exam. He told us to call new surgeon (surgeon #2) and speak with him. He told us to go to another ER and that both he and our PCP would call ahead and make sure that my wife was admitted because she needed surgery.

So,  we haul ass to ER#3 and my wife is admitted to the hospital.


The next day surgeon #2 has her discharged because he cannot book an OR at that hospital and has me take her to another hospital’s ER (ER#4) and their staff knows about her needing surgery and that she’s to be admitted,  but doesn’t know how to exactly do it. So,  we’re in the waiting room for the ER witnessing a broad spectrum of human existence from convicts being brought in for treatment to privileged white people not wanting to sit next to people of color or listen to instructions from the black desk nurse that is running the show. Finally,  she is taken back into the ER and sat on a portable bed, in a hallway until it’s time for her surgery; however this ER was busy and had actual trauma cases coming in. It really was like the shit you see on TV.

The wife had her surgery and is at home recovering.

The doctor from ER#2 has had a grievance filed with the hospital and with the state. If her attitude would have been less apathetic,  she would have noticed that my wife was presenting with the elementary signs of a gall bladder issue and tested further. Instead her final report showed that no radiating pain was noticed and the CT scan showed no gall stones. So far,  I have spoken with one administrator from the hospital of ER#2 and they are investigating that doctor. I don’t know what the state will be doing,  if anything.

So,  yeah,  been a bit busy and I am tired. I have had friends come and help out. I truly am thankful for each and every one of them. My family has stepped up and helped out,  as well. Now,  I just have to keep fighting the SSA and try to take care of myself here and there.

But,  I love a good fight.


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