Salt In The Wound.

Fun tidbit.

After talking with my caseworker new caseworker about my case, it turns out that I could have been actually working a part-time job this whole time and earning some form of income. As long as:

  1. It wasn’t more than 20 hours per week.
  2. I didn’t make more than $1100 per month.

So, now I am livid that I could have been trying to bring in some form of income this entire time instead of having to scrape by like we have been.

Needless to say, I have started looking for some form of work that I feel that I can do that I also believe that I could generate income by doing.

So, I am polishing up my resume` and searching the internet for part-time work. I have some prospects and I have also started a side business that I hope will take off. I am hustling to get something going so that we can get our heads above water and not drown. If anything I will go jockey a register at a gas station, like Dante in “Clerks”.


Hell, I am over-qualified for all of the jobs that I have applied for, so why not be a clerk at a gas station.

At least then we wouldn’t be dodging collection calls and wondering how we are going to pay all of the bills each month.

Maybe, I could even get employee of the month?


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