Data Mining and the Average Joe.

Let’s talk about Facebook for a second.

The wonderful website where you can share your interests, keep up with family and friends and also exercise some keyboard courage to random people on the internet. What people do not understand about Facebook is that you are the commodity that makes Facebook money.

“If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold”

– blue_beetle

When you give information to sites like Facebook, Google, and Amazon, they build a profile on you based on what products, books, movies, TV shows, political figures … etc that you “like” . This information is used to target ads to your specific profile. This data can also be accessed by other apps that you use and also sold to other data mining firms. So, that awesome “free” game that you used Facebook to log into to get more coins or whatever also has your data. That personality quiz you took on Facebook? Yep, they have it , too.

The issue isn’t that Facebook collects this data, the issue is that you gave them the data and permission to collect and share it. It’s called the Terms of Service agreement. You know, that big long thing that you agree to without reading. Yeah, that one. You entered into an agreement to have your data shared in order to get access to the Facebook site. When you take that quiz to find out what kind of cheese you are, someone is on the other end collecting that data and building a profile based on your Facebook information and your answers. This is how the data firm Cambridge Analytica collected data on over 80 million Facebook users. The very second that you sign in with Facebook to an app, you have handed them all of your data that you supplied on Facebook. Same thing with Google (I’ll get to them in a second).

The apps on Facebook, and the sites that ask that you sign in with facebook, collect your data. They pay Facebook to gain this access. Again, YOU are the product.

So, should you delete your Facebook account and ditch your Gmail account as well? No, the damage has already been done. Maybe just be careful of what apps, games and quizzes you give access to your Facebook account. Also, Facebook owns Instagram. So, if you have those accounts linked; then your data from Insta has also been shared. You may want to unlink those accounts.

OK, now let’s talk about Google.

Google does the same thing as Facebook. You have a profile with Google. It’s called a Gmail account, so when you sign into Chrome/Google with that account they log your data as well. Your searches, your messages, the whole nine, just like Facebook. I give Google a bit of grace though. Simply because I get more with Google. Gmail, Google Maps, Messenger, Android, Google Drive, Google Photos… ect. I know Google is mining my data, they straight up tell you and give you the option to opt out. To me, Google is more Quid Pro Quo about their data mining. I get more out of them for my data. With the Opinions Reward app, I actually get Google Play Credits (Actual Money) for just taking a survey.  You can actually go here and see what data Google has on you. If you use and Android phone and didn’t opt out or you use their apps and didn’t opt out; then it may be a little shocking. Again, if you are not paying for it, then you are the product.

You can also go here to see what Facebook has on you.

Should you be worried about all of this? Not really. Plenty of sites and apps do this (Even this one) to generate revenue. It’s when 3rd parties like Cambridge Analytica abuse and violate the terms of service with these sites that shit goes sideways and there is a congressional hearing. The point that I would take away from all of this is just to be mindful what you give access to sites like Facebook. Is it worth your personal data to find out who your celebrity crush is?

No, not really.

Just be careful out there.


My thoughts on this Whole Keaton Jones thing.

So, I watched this video yesterday about a kid named Keaton Jones being bullied. My initial reaction was “Man, kids are dicks” and I still stand by that opinion. I have a friend that took his kid out of school and started homeschooling him because of bullying. I have another friend who had her daughter bullied because and be the only kid in her class  not invited to a birthday party.  I have seen what bullying can do to a kid and it sucks.

I was bullied in school because I was the fat kid; however, it was the 80s and you could knock a kids teeth out back then without the backlash that kids get today for defending themselves. I became the kid that picked on the bullies.

But I have digressed.

After watching this video, something didn’t sit right with me. I always ask myself when I watch these videos “What did this kid do?”. Call it victim-shaming or whatever, but there are always 3 sides to every story. The Victim’s, The Antagonist’s and what really happened. Call me an asshole, but I think that there may be more to this story than actual bullying.

Now, I am not saying that kids don’t pick on other kids for some stupid reason. I was picked on because I was fat. I have seen kids picked on because they like a particular thing or because they have something that makes them different and unique. Again, kids can be dicks, but sometimes the victim isn’t just a poor little kid. Sometimes, the victim is the instigator and just bit off more than they could chew. I think that this maybe the case here, based on what I have seen and read.

The one thing that strikes me as odd is that this kid didn’t feel comfortable telling a teacher or other school employee, but told his mom. The Mom didn’t go to the school to handle this situation or contact the bullies parents. Instead the mom and the kid felt totally OK with making a video for MILLIONS of people to see and airing their issue online. I don’t know about you, but something about that stinks. I have never heard the phrase “Do you want to make a video about it? Will that make you feel better?” come from a parent. To me, this was just an adult cashing in on the current Anti-Bullying craze that parents,  PTAs and School Administrators are still going nuts for.

Now, the mom is being touted as a racist because of some pictures with the Confederate flag. My thoughts on that are that even if the mom is a racist cunt, it doesn’t mean that her kid wasn’t bullied. Hell, that may have been what he was being bullied for. I don’t think the kid deserved to be bullied because his mom may or may not be a racist; however it goes back to the question: “What did this kid do?”. Did he use the N-Word like some people are saying? Who knows.

The other thing that strikes me as odd is that all of these GoFundMe accounts that are being taken up for this kid. One raised $57, 000 for this kid and his family. It was suspended after the whole “His mom’s a racist” thing started, but still. Why does this family need that kind of cash? Are they hiring a lawyer? Does the kid have medical bills from injuries from the bullying? From what I have read, none of this is the case. Again, I think that the mom is just cashing in on a current trend.

Now, the issue with this is that more people like her may follow. Kids may start creating bullies to get free shit and celebrities to flock to them. My thought is that if your kid is being bullied, handle it with the school and with the bully’s parents, not on Facebook. If you are serious about stopping bullying; then do something about it. Be the change that you want to see. That is what will save other kids from bullying. Not a video on the internet.

Also, maybe parents should teach their little crotchfruits not be assholes.

There’s an idea.


It seems like I have covered this topic before, but I fear that I will be covering it again and again and again.

Because ‘Murica.

The mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas was horrific. 50 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured. Why? We don’t know because the coward offed himself.

Now we have talked about political vehicles that launch whenever one of these things occur. We have talked about motivation of these things. We have talked about the details of mass shootings to the point that I have forgotten what we have covered. So, my apologies if this is repetitive.

When the shooter was first identified, the media started asking what they always do (when the shooter is a white guy) and that was question his mental health. I am sure that they were shocked and amazed when the family stated that he had no issues with mental illness. Now, does that mean that he really didn’t? Of course not. There are members of my family that don’t know I struggle with mental health issues, but that’s not the issue here. The issue is that mental illness gets the blame as the cause for the incident and the idea that all mentally ill people are just sitting around waiting for their moment to snap and take out a pre-school is perpetuated further.

Say this with me now:

“The Mentally Ill are not mass murderers in waiting”.

As a mentally ill person, I have N E V E R thought about, or planned a mass shooting, bombing, or anything. I am horrified by these things and I am terrified that people with a history of mental illness are always looked at when these horrific events happen. I am not stockpiling ammo, or weapons, or anything. Matter of fact there is only one gun in our house.

Nerf Maverick

That’s right, I am a mentally ill white guy living in Texas that doesn’t own a gun and is not planning a mass shooting. I am like a fucking unicorn.

So what is the root cause to all of the mass shootings? If it isn’t mental health issues; then what is it?

In my opinion, there is not a root cause for mass shootings; there are several.  One is the current gun laws that we have in this country. In Texas, it is harder to get a fucking drivers license than to get a gun in Texas. I could literally go to [Insert Name of Sporting Goods Store Here] and shell out the cash for an AR – Whatever and be out the door in a matter of minutes.  That’s right, minutes. My wife and I have been helping my niece get her drivers licence and it has literally taken months and we still haven’t gotten it, yet.

So, we make people have licenses to show that they can safely operate a vehicle, but we do not do the same for a firearm. We make people have insurance to cover their liability in case of an accident, and we make them register their vehicles with the state; however we do not do jack shit for guns. Until we have comprehensive and logical gun laws in this country, we will continue to have mass shootings.

What else do we need to fix?

We need some common sense laws regarding the modification of firearms.  The media has been reporting about the “bump-stock” that the Las Vegas shooter was using. I know that these increase the rate of fire for a semi-automatic rifle; however I didn’t realize by how much. Then I saw this video.  It shows that the semi-auto basically becomes a fully automatic weapon with the flick of a switch. These are legal because you are not altering the actual firing system, but just the stock. We need to regulate this shit and quick. Sorry, but I am not sorry, there is not a legitimate use for this type of accessory. This isn’t used for hunting, this isn’t used for home defense, and not one gun-owner is going out to stop any tyrants. This type of thing isn’t needed, period.

We have to change the way we view gun laws. No one…REPEAT…NO ONE is coming for your guns. We just want to make sure that responsible people own guns, just the way we do with automobiles, and make sure these weapons do not actually become assault weapons. Yes, you will have to go to an actual gun dealer and not a convention center to buy a gun. Yes, you will have to wait, and go through some hoops; however this will lead to less dead kids, less dead concert goers, and just less death all around.

But… but… criminals will still buy guns illegally.

Yes, they will; however most criminals have stolen their weapons, or have purchased them illegally anyway. This will still happen. My thoughts on this are that if we stiffen the penalty for gun theft, and illegal sales; then we will see less of this, too. If guns are harder to get for the bad-guys; then we should see a reduction in crime. Other countries have done this, why can’t we. Of course, until the GOP stops sucking the NRA’s dick for their campaign money shots, none of this will probably happen.

Look, I don’t have the solution (even though the gun & cheese plan I had was pretty solid), but I have ideas. Ideas lead to solutions. Hopefully, one day, I won’t have to post about this shit anymore.

Sadly, that day isn’t today.

Welcome Back!

To catch you up (Sorry, no condiment jokes this time), I am now working 2 jobs! I sell computers and stuff by day and on my off days and nights I evaluate search engines and stuff.  Together, these pay what I used to make working in the IT field, but still no benefits.  So, we are still insurance-less.

(Speaking of which, if you have a minute to check this out please do and please share this link. Any and all help is appreciated!)

I have a job interview on Monday and I am hoping that it goes well.


Also, I joined Facebook again.

“Why”, you ask?

Because I have to somewhat foolish notion that things are going to be different this time. People are constantly sharing meaningless and meaningful posts and I am dicking around on Instagram and … well mainly Instagram.

I am being cautious, and only adding people that I actually give two shits about and that number is pretty damn small. If anything, it will be added to my list of time wasting crap things that I do to waste time. However, this time I have set some ground rules!

My Rules for Facebook:

1. I don’t use the mobile app or messenger. If you send me a message on it and expect a quick answer; then you are going to have a bad time. That’s what WhatsApp, Allo, or a text message is for.

2. Rejection: It’s going to happen. I don’t want to hear about your butt-hurt if I don’t accept your friend request or invitation to your rescue dog’s Quinceañera. You shove that way down and save it for your therapist.

C. The first time I see some “If you share this 37 times in a row, Jesus will cure you of El Cancer”, then you’re out of here.

4. If I haven’t spoken to you in “X” years, then I probably am not going to start now.

Rule Amendment #1: Rule#5: Fuck off with the Game Requests


So far, which has been a whole day, I haven’t seen anything horrible. I also have not seen anything of real value, either. We will see how it goes.



Bad Words.

So, let’s talk about Political Correctness and mainly how it is absurd.


Still reading? OK, good.


I think people have blurred the line between “Being PC” and being a decent human being. I believe that we as a people have to get back to the point of “being decent” instead of being politically correct.

I hear people say this phrase all the time:

“You can’t say that!”

And, frankly, yes I can. I believe that a person can say whatever they want; however that doesn’t mean that everyone else is going to applaud whatever comes out of your mouth. I believe that we need to focus on what we say. We need to weigh our words. To quote my mother: “Think before you speak”; however people should do this out of their own free will and not some form of social dogma, then the world would be a better place.

Who am I to say this? I am someone who (usually) thinks before they speak. I also keep two quotes in my mind at all times:

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

– Evelyn Beatrice Hall

“No one has the right not to be offended. Just because you’re offended, it doesn’t mean you’re in the right.”

–  Ricky Gervais

If everyone just thought about what they were about to say before they said it, we wouldn’t have the issue of “Political Correctness”. We would just have people thinking, and showing genuine concern about what they say. We would also probably have a lot more silence.

But wait! Aren’t you a liberal/progressive/democrat? 

Well, yes to 2 of those things. I am liberal/progressive when it comes to most social issues and I feel that humanity should be open to new ideas and we should be moving to improve our society rather than stagnate in tradition. We need to constantly be reforming the way we act and think towards ourselves, each other and the world around us. If we just keep doing “the same old shit” then we will stop growing as a race (by race I mean humanity) and we will eventually die off. I do not consider myself a democrat, however. I don’t really see eye to eye with any political party. So, two out of 3 aint bad.

One point to note is that the term “politically correct” is actually a Communist term.

According to the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Kremlin advisers were the first to widely use the term. They did so without a trace of irony. Calling someone “politically correct” in Soviet Russia meant they toed the party line.

Now days it just means that we should not use words because of their effect on people or it’s a pejorative term that means policies or ideas are excessive. The term was used in the 90s as a pejorative term that basically meant censorship and today it is a label that conservatives like to use as a pejorative against liberals and liberal policies as an excuse to say things that are offensive. So, again it’s a blurred line of manners vs. political correctness.

And being politically correct, or promoting political correctness,  is just that: censorship.

An article by NPR had a good explanation of why “being PC” is just the wrong way to think about things.

The danger inherent in attempting to speak in a “politically correct” manner, is that in an effort to avoid offending the most sensitive members of our society or audience, we ban the use of perfectly good, accurate descriptive phrases for fear of running afoul of a small group of people with a political agenda. Hence the phrase “politically correct.”
At its worst, political correctness can be a form of Orwellian newspeak in which non-pejorative descriptions that accurately convey clear unambiguous thoughts are demonized, and banned in favor of bland replacements. A “war-lord” becomes a “faction leader.” Words are drained of their meanings.

– NPR newscaster Jamie McIntyre

So, we should be ANTI-Politically Correct then! Right?


People that are Anti-PC (generally conservatives) find that being Anti-PC means you can say whatever hate-fueled garbage comes out of your mouth and people have to like it because of free-speech and it isn’t PC, so it’s cool if they say it (Again, manners vs. political correctness); however, like I said in the beginning: “…a person can say whatever they want; however that doesn’t mean that everyone else is going to applaud whatever comes out of your mouth”. If you go around saying hateful & hurtful things, someone is eventually going to to tell you to shut the fuck up. Either in a polite respectful way, or with a punch to the face. So, go ahead and be “anti-PC” just don’t be anti-manners and expect everyone to like it.

So, what do we do?

Think before you speak, weigh your words and have some empathy; however don’t just say and think things because they are (or aren’t) politically correct. I am not PC, but I believe in things like LGBTQ+ rights, the disuse of fossil fuels, (actual) science being taught to our children in public schools, feminism, and equality. Not because it’s politically correct, but because they are good ideas. They progress us as a species and add to our general wellbeing.

Also, because I am not an asshole…Well, that big of one anyway.

I believe that a person can say or think whatever they want. That is a right that we all (should) have and no one should be able to force a way of thought or morality on you. It is my hope that one day we will all use empathy and understanding to choose our words, thoughts and actions because it is the right thing to do and not the politically correct thing to do.

I’m not going to hold my breath, however.





Less than 24 hours ago I posted about how my anxiety is partially fueled by when I see violence, specifically police violence, in the news. My reasoning is that I am in a biracial marriage and that I fear for my wife’s, niece’s and nephew’s, brother-in law’s and practically all of my family’s safety with all of the non-sense that I see going on with the police. This one factor has made me understand what white-privilege is all about. When I get pulled over by the cops, I don’t worry about getting killed. I’m a white guy.

But that’s not what I am here to talk about today.

Last night at about 9pm my phone started going off. Message after message started pouring in. At first I ignored it as I was trying to get an early night’s sleep; however finally it started to annoy me enough that I opened up Telegram to see what the hell was so damned important and read the first message:

Just confirmed one DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] officer dead.

4 shot

The conversation then went on about how there were snipers in downtown Dallas shooting police officers during a peaceful protest regarding the recent police related shootings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, & Dylan Noble.  Before the night was over it ended up with 12 people being shot, 5 dead (4 police officers and 1 civilian) and the other officers wounded. 4 suspects were found 3 are in custody, one was negotiated with and eventually “neutralized” via a bomb disposal robot with a bomb attached to it.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said one suspect is dead after a long standoff with police. Negotiations were underway when Brown says the suspect told police he was angry over #BlackLivesMatter and was mad at white people. He wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.

He also mentioned “the end was coming” and that he was “going to hurt and kill more” officers. He said bombs were planted all over the garage and downtown.

After negotiations went sour and gunfire was exchanged, Chief Brown says officers had to use a bomb robot to detonate the area around the suspect and kill him.

From what I have seen in the news this morning, none of the suspects in custody are talking.

This has been called the largest assault on law enforcement since 9/11.

And of course, people have offered their thoughts and prayers for the fallen officers and there will even be a statewide moment of prayer at noon today.

So, now we’re back to the question of what to do about the gun violence in America. The NRA’s stance of “More Guns” obviously isn’t a logical solution because EVERYONE HAD FUCKING GUNS. We’re an open carry state here in Texas! So, even if people in the march had guns to help the police out (or help the snipers out, depending on where their moral compass was pointing that day) that obviously wouldn’t have solved the fucking problem, but made the whole situation more problematic. Hell, one man that was exercising his 2nd amendment rights and carrying his (unloaded) AR15 openly in the anti-violence march was a POI  (person of interest) and he had surrendered his weapon to police when the first shots rang out to make sure he wasn’t considered as a suspect, but guess what? His picture was plastered all over social media, and the TV as a suspect. So, again, more guns doesn’t help.

What about no guns? Well, if no one had any guns (other than the snipers obviously) then the cops would have been even more screwed and that definitely would not be a logical solution. What about less guns? Well, apparently our lawmakers can’t fucking figure out what to do about that one because some people think that the 2nd amendment is chiseled in fucking stone. So, we are back to square one with in the on going gun debate in America.

Just for clarification:


[uhmend-muh nt]

the act of amending or the state of being amended.

an alteration of or addition to a motion, bill, constitution, etc.

a change made by correction, addition, or deletion:
So, the 2nd amendment can be altered or changed by adding ANOTHER AMENDMENT.  At one point we had articles in the constitution that allowed and regulated slavery (the three-fifths compromise, the slave trade clause, and the fugitive-slave law); however we got rid of all of these with the 13th Amendment! Now some people say that we would be entering a slippery slope if we start editing the bill of rights with new amendments, but I don’t think that our Founding Fathers, nor The Framers of the Constitution really meant for us to use the 2nd Amendment for gunning down innocent people and police officers in the cold blood. I am pretty sure if it were possible to travel back in time and bring them to this time period, they would shit themselves, take a shower, and then go and beat the living fuck out of each and every member of our legislative branch of government (possibly the supreme court as well).
I will be curious to see what the political vehicles do with this latest breakout of gun violence and what, if anything, that will come from our geniuses in DC. Because now it’s not a mass shooting of High Schoolers, or College Kids, or a Military base, or Elementary Schoolers or LGBT Club Goers but our police. Maybe now this will make them act. Maybe now we will see some form of common sense gun laws passed and see some results.
Maybe now this will be enough.

It’s Kind Of Like…

A few people wonder why I have anxiety issues about going out places. My own mother told me that I “can’t live in fear” the other day when I tried explaining it to her. I try to make it to where people understand that when I go to places that have crowds, it feels like those scenes in movies where you see the main character walks in and for whatever reason everyone else stops and just stares at them. Except, the character is you. It feels like everyone has their eyes on you and they are just staring at you.


Then your brain just starts racing and every murmured conversation you hear is about you, every burst of laughter you hear are people laughing at you. Your breathing gets shallow, your heart feels like it’s going to beat out of your chest and you just want to get to some place away from all of these people, some place “safe” and woe be unto those who will get in your way. That’s what my anxiety feels like.

This coupled with the fact that every time I open my Twitter feed or go on Reddit I see that either the police are getting more and more violent.  Also, not too long ago, killing atheists was being encouraged on Twitter and we had the largest mass shooting in our history.

So, no, I do not go out to eat and I have issues going grocery shopping ( or shopping in general) and I honestly cannot be around groups of people that I am not familiar with because my anxiety is so fucking off the charts.

I try to control this through breathing exercises, meditation, medication and rationalization; however there are times where those tools just do not work and I just need to be at home, on my couch, where it is safe. Even when I do summon the bravery (aka: take a clonazepam chased with a red bull) to be social, I still need the next day or two to be by myself and recharge.

I don’t know how to express it to the people that just don’t get it and think that I avoid them. I sometimes wonder if there are actually people in my group of friends that actually don’t get it and I am just worried that people think this and this is just my anxiety about my anxiety and how people do not understand my anxiety, which is pretty fucked up.

And that’s just my anxiety disorder.

If I tried to explain how it and the OCD and Bipolar disorder all interact in my head, your head would probably implode.

Yeah, like a fucking star.

Crazy shit.


Hell is:

Sitting and waiting.

These are two things that I hate fucking doing.

I spoke with my case worker today and the short and long of it is, more than likely all of the past hospitalizations that I had and all of my previous doctors and therapists are not going to be looked at because more than likely they have not kept records and the Social Security Administration is looking at current information only.

So, I updated the caseworker on my latest information and we are filing an appeal. More sitting and more waiting.

At this point, I feel myself just breaking inside. I have entertained thoughts and ideas that I haven’t even given a second of my time in years, but I caught myself giving them just that: my time. I know depression lies and for a moment, I caught myself listening to it. I caught myself sitting down and having a cup of coffee with it and hearing it out. Luckily, I remembered who I was talking to and I ran to my stronghold and shouted “LIAR!” from inside it’s walls; however I can still hear it knocking at the door from time to time.

Yeah, I have a therapist appointment on Saturday.

I just don’t want to get to the point where I feel that I need to go into an outpatient program again, or worse an inpatient program, and have to deal with that; however it maybe just what I need.

I guess that’s something that I will be talking to my therapist about on Saturday.

Until then, I guess I will just have to sit and wait.

And I Didn’t Even Receive One Card.

Yesterday appareantly was “Hetrosexual Pride Day”, according to Twitter, and all of the oppressed hetrosexuals were to come out and show that they were here, they were not queer, and that we were already used to it.

So, basically, nothing that wasn’t already blatantly obvious was addressed and pointed out.

People on Twitter couldn’t understand why we, “the hetrosexual community”, didn’t have a “pride day” and why we couldn’t celebrate our sexuality. Well, first:  we don’t need a pride day (and I will tell you why here in a sec) and second: you should celebrate your sexuality. If you are straight, go be straight. Find you another straight person (or persons) that shares the same sexual turn ons that you do and get crazy! No one is shaming you for being straight, and if they are then they are the ones that are in the wrong.

However, we still do not need a hetrosexual pride day. Why? Because we didn’t fucking earn it.

Sit back, you are about to get another history lesson.

Now first, some clarification. Pride, Pride Month, and Pride Day are not the same as LGBT Pride.

Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT)people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Pride, as opposed to shame and social stigma, is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBT rights movements throughout the world.

When I talk about Pride here, I will be talking about the event, not the stance.

LGBT Pride Day first started in June of 1970  one year after the Stonewall Riots. The Stonewall riots are what most consider the start of the LGBT civil rights movement. The Riots sparked organization and inspiration throughout the LGBT community, and it brought their struggle to the national spotlight.

Pride day used to be held on the last Sunday of June to commemorate this event in LGBT history. Soon, Pride Day became Pride Month and celebrations, parades and memorials are held all over the world to celebrate it.

So, why don’t we, hetrosexuals get to have parades? Why don’t we get to have a “Pride Day”?

Because, like I said, we haven’t earned it and we never will.

We will never have the police raid a “straight bar” (Which for some reason I keep picturing as a Buffalo Wild Wings)  or because appearing straight in public is a criminal offense. We will not have to deal with police or public harassment for looking straight, sounding straight, or walking straight. We will not be beaten or killed for just being straight. We will not have to fight for “Straight Equality” for 40+ years and even when we make some major advances, we will not be at risk to lose our jobs or housing, be asked to leave a business, denied service, or be refused medical care because we are straight. LGBT people have had to battle this, and are still at risk of these things daily.

That’s why they get to have a Pride Day. They have bled, hidden in fear, been disowned by friends and family, and have been/are being denied the right to be treated as a human. So, yes, they get to have a Pride Day, they get to come together and have a parade to celebrate victories, mourn loved ones, remember tragedies and what it’s taken to get them to this spot in history.

We do not get to have a hetrosexual pride day, because we haven’t earned it and we don’t need it. If anything, we should have a day month of humility.

Hetrosexual Humility Month, now there is something that we need.

Fade Away. 

I have a superpower.

My superpower is the ability to write people off that I no longer see as beneficial to have in my life. It’s an amazing superpower to have,  you just basically blink people out of existence. Sure,  there are times that it hurts to use and there are times when it’s SUPER EASY; however I really wish that I just never had to fucking use it and people wouldn’t be assholes.

With events that are occurring in my life right now, I feel that my superpower is about to be used. Unless that person shows up with a bucket of apologies and some sugar-free red vines. Then things may be negotiable.

Until then, I may be a friend short in the future.

(Not you,  though. You’re cool)