Bad Words.

So, let’s talk about Political Correctness and mainly how it is absurd.


Still reading? OK, good.


I think people have blurred the line between “Being PC” and being a decent human being. I believe that we as a people have to get back to the point of “being decent” instead of being politically correct.

I hear people say this phrase all the time:

“You can’t say that!”

And, frankly, yes I can. I believe that a person can say whatever they want; however that doesn’t mean that everyone else is going to applaud whatever comes out of your mouth. I believe that we need to focus on what we say. We need to weigh our words. To quote my mother: “Think before you speak”; however people should do this out of their own free will and not some form of social dogma, then the world would be a better place.

Who am I to say this? I am someone who (usually) thinks before they speak. I also keep two quotes in my mind at all times:

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

– Evelyn Beatrice Hall

“No one has the right not to be offended. Just because you’re offended, it doesn’t mean you’re in the right.”

–  Ricky Gervais

If everyone just thought about what they were about to say before they said it, we wouldn’t have the issue of “Political Correctness”. We would just have people thinking, and showing genuine concern about what they say. We would also probably have a lot more silence.

But wait! Aren’t you a liberal/progressive/democrat? 

Well, yes to 2 of those things. I am liberal/progressive when it comes to most social issues and I feel that humanity should be open to new ideas and we should be moving to improve our society rather than stagnate in tradition. We need to constantly be reforming the way we act and think towards ourselves, each other and the world around us. If we just keep doing “the same old shit” then we will stop growing as a race (by race I mean humanity) and we will eventually die off. I do not consider myself a democrat, however. I don’t really see eye to eye with any political party. So, two out of 3 aint bad.

One point to note is that the term “politically correct” is actually a Communist term.

According to the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Kremlin advisers were the first to widely use the term. They did so without a trace of irony. Calling someone “politically correct” in Soviet Russia meant they toed the party line.

Now days it just means that we should not use words because of their effect on people or it’s a pejorative term that means policies or ideas are excessive. The term was used in the 90s as a pejorative term that basically meant censorship and today it is a label that conservatives like to use as a pejorative against liberals and liberal policies as an excuse to say things that are offensive. So, again it’s a blurred line of manners vs. political correctness.

And being politically correct, or promoting political correctness,  is just that: censorship.

An article by NPR had a good explanation of why “being PC” is just the wrong way to think about things.

The danger inherent in attempting to speak in a “politically correct” manner, is that in an effort to avoid offending the most sensitive members of our society or audience, we ban the use of perfectly good, accurate descriptive phrases for fear of running afoul of a small group of people with a political agenda. Hence the phrase “politically correct.”
At its worst, political correctness can be a form of Orwellian newspeak in which non-pejorative descriptions that accurately convey clear unambiguous thoughts are demonized, and banned in favor of bland replacements. A “war-lord” becomes a “faction leader.” Words are drained of their meanings.

– NPR newscaster Jamie McIntyre

So, we should be ANTI-Politically Correct then! Right?


People that are Anti-PC (generally conservatives) find that being Anti-PC means you can say whatever hate-fueled garbage comes out of your mouth and people have to like it because of free-speech and it isn’t PC, so it’s cool if they say it (Again, manners vs. political correctness); however, like I said in the beginning: “…a person can say whatever they want; however that doesn’t mean that everyone else is going to applaud whatever comes out of your mouth”. If you go around saying hateful & hurtful things, someone is eventually going to to tell you to shut the fuck up. Either in a polite respectful way, or with a punch to the face. So, go ahead and be “anti-PC” just don’t be anti-manners and expect everyone to like it.

So, what do we do?

Think before you speak, weigh your words and have some empathy; however don’t just say and think things because they are (or aren’t) politically correct. I am not PC, but I believe in things like LGBTQ+ rights, the disuse of fossil fuels, (actual) science being taught to our children in public schools, feminism, and equality. Not because it’s politically correct, but because they are good ideas. They progress us as a species and add to our general wellbeing.

Also, because I am not an asshole…Well, that big of one anyway.

I believe that a person can say or think whatever they want. That is a right that we all (should) have and no one should be able to force a way of thought or morality on you. It is my hope that one day we will all use empathy and understanding to choose our words, thoughts and actions because it is the right thing to do and not the politically correct thing to do.

I’m not going to hold my breath, however.





Fade Away. 

I have a superpower.

My superpower is the ability to write people off that I no longer see as beneficial to have in my life. It’s an amazing superpower to have,  you just basically blink people out of existence. Sure,  there are times that it hurts to use and there are times when it’s SUPER EASY; however I really wish that I just never had to fucking use it and people wouldn’t be assholes.

With events that are occurring in my life right now, I feel that my superpower is about to be used. Unless that person shows up with a bucket of apologies and some sugar-free red vines. Then things may be negotiable.

Until then, I may be a friend short in the future.

(Not you,  though. You’re cool)

GO-GO Juice.

You used to be my friend. Now, you are my adversary.

Every morning we still still sit and have our quiet moments. You sit there while I read or watch TV. Sometimes you wait for me while I work out and are my source of comfort afterwards. In the mornings, when my medication takes it’s toll, you help see me through the gloom that it puts over me; however at night you change. You are not that friend that I know during the early hours. You become a villain, a fiend.

I am speaking to you, caffeine.


I used to LIVE on caffeine. Every morning it was two cups of coffee, a large travel mug on the way to work. Another refill of that same mug at work. Then a soda (Usually Mountain Dew) during the day and then tea or another soda (Not Mountain Dew, the wife hates to see me drink them) at night. Some mornings, it was a 3 shot macchiato (a real one not that Starsucks shit) then a cup of regular coffee,  and then my regular caffeine intake. Some mornings, I would dump 2 shots of espresso into the travel mug with the regular coffee and make a “red eye”. Then, somewhere in the day, here and there, I would drink a Monster (or 2). Needless to say, I took in a lot of fucking caffeine.

Why my heart has not exploded out of my chest, I don’t have a clue.

Now, I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning and that’s it. I drink juice or something uncaffeinated the rest of the day. Unless I make tea, but even then my intake of caffeine is significantly lower. It’s to the point that if  I have a soda past 5-6pm, I am up late at night.

Like right now. It’s 3am CST.

I have come up with “a billion dollar idea” and researched it. I have talked with some friends over WhatsApp (who FINALLY made a desktop client for their app) and now I am blogging about not being able to sleep because I had a Diet Dr. Pepper after 6:45pm.

Seriously, lifestyle changes are a pain in the ass.


03302016: A Blog Post Into the Future!

Today Snapchat updated its chat feature to blend text, audio & video note, MMS and now audio and video calling all into one chat application. Basically, almost anyway a human can communicate is in this update.

Why the fuck am I talking about Snapchat?

Great Question. I will answer it in a bit.

During the 80’s & 90’s  there were things that we all saw in EVERY Sci-Fi/Space Fantasy film or TV show out there. (A lot of kids aren’t going to have this kind of wonder like those of us that grew up during those decades had) We always wanted to see these things in the future:

  1. Flatscreen/In-wall TVs
  2. Video Phones
  3. Androids/Robots/A.I.
  4. Home Computers (That you can talk to)
  5. “Star Trek” Communicators
  6. Star Trek:TNG Data Pads/Star Trek Tricorders
  7. Lightsabers
  8. Hoverboards
  9. Space Travel/Exploration
  10. Flying Cars
  11. Teleporters
  12. laser guns/phasers

Now we HAVE a lot of these. We have flatscreen TVs on the wall, we have home automation (or “The Internet of Things”) that can react to voice command, we have home computers that you can talk to (If you have Windows 10, or some software), we have robots everywhere (roombas, drones, autonomous lawnmowers and all kinds of stuff in Japan),  and we have A.I. all over the place (Google Now, Cortana, Amazon Echo/Alexa and even Siri) that can perform various tasks for us.

The first flip phone  ever created was modeled after the “Star Trek” communicator by Motorola and it was called the StarTAC . We have the datapads the we saw in multiple sci-fi flicks but mainly accredit “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, we call them tablets. Our tablets and our phones can do a lot of the crap kind of like tricorders and they have A.I. in them as well. Hell, the Google Nexus line is even an homage to “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” (or “Bladerunner”, depending how you want to look at it) with the Nexus 5, 6, 7 and so on. Plus, any of our TV’s, Computers, or mobile devices can become the most awesome thing that ever was in the sci-fi world: The Video Phone!


Well, it wasn’t so awesome for this guy. 

Which brings me to why I mentioned Snapchat. I now have 2 or 3 apps on my device that allows me to make a video call to anyone and I know that my friends have at least one of these same apps because they are on my contacts list in the same app. So, what after 10 – 20 years of waiting and wishing, why are we not using this technology that we thought would be so fucking awesome? Why are we not video calling each other like crazy?

The answer: We are fucking lazy.


It’s more convenient to text our friends than to take the time to call them, much less VIDEO CALL them. Now, granted with apps like WhatsApp and Telegram you can chat with all of your friends at once and send pictures, voice clips, video clips (I think?), .GIFs and stickers, but it’s still just text. I did the same thing in the 90’s with AOL. Now I am just doing it with a computer in my pocket. Which, yeah is kind of cool, and definitely faster than 56k; however it’s still somewhat antiquated and not the future that we all dreamed of when we were kids watching Buck Rogers, Knight Rider, and , hell, even Spaceballs!


Maybe it’s just me and my group of friends. Maybe you and your group of friends video chat the shit out of each other, but I am willing to bet that you just text, group MMS, use a message app, or something other than video call. I could be wrong.

However, I can just remember my grandmother would start her day out by making coffee and cooking breakfast. Then once everyone was fed and out of her hair she would sit down with the phone and go through her phone book. She would call people that she hadn’t spoken to in awhile and she would do this for a few hours every day. She made the time for people that she cared about daily. Now, for the sake of transparency, my grandmother was bipolar and unmedicated. She could have been calling people just to bug the shit out of them; however I remember that those calls seemed awfully long and were usually pleasant, but who has that kind of time now days?

I guess what I am getting at is that we have all of this dreamed of technology  and it’s like we don’t use it. It’s like it’s finally here and we are just like “Oh, ok…that’s nice.” and we are not as psyched like we were just 10-20 years ago.

The future is now, and we are just not that fucking excited about it.



Beware of Old Man Starkey

I had an old man moment today.

There was a knock at the door. So, I check the security camera and I see this kid at my door. I yell just a minute and put on pants. More knocking, more yelling, me yelling at dogs to get away from the door, and finally I open the door to one confused looking kid.

Now, before I go any further, let me describe my front door or better yet, what is on it.

I have this sign on a 8″x6″ card placed at eye level, printed in various fonts and colors and in bold. The only way to miss this sign is to:

  1. Be blind
  2. Completely ignore it
  3. Feel like an entitled shit and feel like signs don’t apply to you.

My sign reads:

No Soliciting (This is in 3″ bold print)

This includes religious solicitation. (This is in 1/2″ bold under it)

We are not interested in helping you win a trip by subscribing to magazines, we already have a security system (you’re on camera by the way), We are happy with our Cable/Internet provider, We know who we are voting for, We already have someone that mows the lawn, and We don’t want your menu or coupons on our door.

Seriously, We don’t Want Any. (1 ” bold)

EXCEPTION: If you are a child selling candy for school or camp or a Girl Scout selling cookies. Then ring the bell or knock, we will usually be making a purchase.

Now, for redundancy, I also have this door mat:


So, this ballsy little bundle of America’s future asks me if I want my yard mowed; despite my sign and door mat. Now, I haven’t been able to get in touch with my regular lawn guy for a couple of weeks, so it may be this kid’s lucky day. I step outside to see this kids equipment. All he has is a push mower. I also notice that the ground is wet, it’s cloudy, and that it is currently drizzling. I ask how much and he shoots me a price of $15. I tell him that I need the yard mowed, but not today. It’s been raining and it’s probably going to start raining again soon, but come talk to me later about mowing the yard.

He looks at me all sad and says OK and I go back inside to continue to binge watch the new season of Daredevil. About half a episode later I hear a lawn mower. I saw that the kid was talking to the neighbors and maybe he was mowing their yard. Then I hear the mower REALLY close by my front door. I pause Netflix and go look outside. To my shock this little jerk is mowing the damn yard. Because I do not have a high emotional IQ, and I do not handle children well, I called the wife and ask her what I should do. She gives me some ideas and I form a game plan to go and gently confront this dim-witted  tween aged crotch fruit.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I am sick? Like spring allergies brought on a sinus infection sick? Yeah, so I feel like warmed over death served on steamed ass.

So, this kid of course is now the farthest point from the front door and I have to yell. I finally get his attention and ask him what is he doing?

Kid: **confused look**

ME: Remember when I said: “Not Today, it’s been raining and to check back some other time”?

Kid: **Confused Look Intensifies**

ME: Hello? Are you hearing me?

Kid: Yeah.

ME: **confused look**

Kid: So…you don’t want your yard mowed?

Me: **pinches bridge of nose** No. I already told you not today.

Kid: **drags lawn mower into street with sad look on his face**

So, now I have a half-mowed lawn and I doubt these little brain-dead jerk-offs are coming back. When my wife came home I told her this story and she then just looked at me and smiled and summed up the whole thing.

Baby, kids are stupid and don’t understand.

I thought about this and remembered that the human brain is in development until the age of 23. So, from this point forward when children that are not selling candy come to my door I will just refer them to the mat.

Just to keep it simple for their developing brains.